Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red - HyunA: Dance Cover by Chillies, Soul Dance

Makeup done and off to shoot a dance cover with Chillies from Soul Dance Kuching. :) We did a cover for Red by HyunA.

Make up was themed black smokey, with minimal colours. I also tried the famous Korean trend, the ombre/gradient lips though it can hardly be seen in the pictures.  Above pictures are so nice (in my opinion lol) and deceiving I cannot.

Group pictures in our red and black outfit. :)

Took a series of group shots using Fion's camera while laying on the floor in the studio. From left: Amanda, Jessika (Soul Dance's Street Jazz instructor), Me, Fion (K-pop group Grandiose's team leader), Ally (Soul Dance's Hip Hop instructor) and Jasylin. :)

We were in awe that Fion's camera can be operated using the Bluetooth on her phone lol. The reactions, some were candid and some were staged haha. Can you tell which is which?

Sincere laughter shots captured by Fion's boyfriend. Thank you for the candids! Feel blissful when looking through these happy pictures.

Selfies behind the scenes.

Our video on Soul Dance's Facebook page. Enjoy!! :) [Link

The full team had only a few days together and so came up with the idea of shooting a video together. The choreography to the song was not difficult but we only had two practice sessions so apologies if the routines were messy! And excuse my twerk fail. Big thanks to Khai who, on such short notice, took time out to help us shoot and produce this video.

We represent Soul Dance. :) Not sure when will the full team be able to gather and dance together again, so I appreciate the experience and I'm already looking forward to the next time! 

A selfie before I go. Bye!

With all the love,

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