Sunday, October 19, 2014

Heavenly Desserts and Antibo Italian, Derby

Last day of my week-long stay in Derby before heading over to Leeds to start university was a food filled one. :) 

Went to town with cousins and aunt and had a nice shopping day together. Will be talking about two food places that we visited, as mentioned in the title of the post- Heavenly Desserts and Antibo Italian Restaurant.

Picture with little cousin Chloe. :) My outfit of the day was a beige sweater over a red dress paired with my loved burgundy Mango bag. 

Heavenly Desserts is a dessert restaurant franchise with stores around the UK. Their desserts cost ranges from £5 and above. The layout is simple burgundy and white themed with pictures of desserts all over the walls. :) The guys have been wanting to bring me here since day 1 haha but we only got to come on the last day because most of the time we ended up being too full for dessert (which never happens to me but it did!) Picture of restaurant credits to

Starting of with Cookie Crunch which was one with Oreo ice-cream and waffle cookies drizzled with chocolate sauce. :)

The presentation for this dessert was nice but not very effective in our opinion. Picky customers! It's really hard to enjoy the dessert because you won't be able to reach the cookies until you finish the ice cream but when you finish the ice cream there's nothing to eat the cookies with lol. First world problems.

Chloe's choice was a moist chocolate cake with ice creams and whipped cream drizzed with white and milk chocolate. All the desserts have their own really cute names but I don't remember them! And they don't have a menu online so yea. :(

Waffles with topped with fresh strawberries and ice cream drizzled with strawberry and white chocolate sauce. And waffles with maple syrup and ice cream.

My choice was waffles with ice cream, topped with crunchy nuts and Nutella. In my opinion mine was my favourite because I LOVE NUTELLA.

Heavenly Desserts
11 London Road, Westfield Centre,
Derby, DE1 2NS
Tel No.: 01332 585 088

Then we had our dinner at Antibo Italian Restaurant. :) It is the place Leon's family come to have their Christmas dinners and they decided to bring me here because they wanted to bring me to a nice place for food. Awwww. Picture of restaurant credits to

Let's jump straight into the appetizers! We had the Garlic Mushrooms, Pan Fried Fish Cake, Calamari and their Garlic Bread in the form of a pizza. I especially love their garlic mushrooms! It's salty and crunchy but chewy on the inside.

Then on to the main dishes. :) Lamb Shank was aunt's choice and she had rice with it instead of mash. The meat was really tender and it was really good.

Chloe's dish was Tagliatelle Carbonara- pasta with cream sauce, bacon, Parmesan cheese and egg yolk. There is a taste in this pasta which Chloe and I didn't appreciate. Maybe it was the herbs they use? But the others found the dish delicious so it depends on preference I guess.

Leon's choice of mains was the Pollo ala cream- chicken, mushrooms, onions and peppers cooked in cream and served with rice. Which in the end was finished by Chloe because they switched dishes haha.

My dish was Risotto Milan, risotto served with mussels, clams and prawns. I love risotto and I love mussels and all things seafood so it was really good dish for me! Monika had a sirloin steak but I forgot to take a picture of it and I didn't taste it so I won't talk much about that.

The whole meal cost around £60 and it was a lovely meal to conclude my last day in Derby this time round!

Antibo Italian Restaurant
21 Midland Road,
Derby, DE1 2SL
Tel No: 01332 201 700

When I first came first to the UK, I thought of going straight to Leeds by train, find myself a place to live and do all things myself because it's the independent nature of mine not wanting to trouble anyone. My relatives insisted to help and I admit that they had made my journey so so much easier! 

Aunt prepared so many things for me like kitchen utensils and appliances, iron board, hangers, duvet pillow and bed sheets. She too brought me to buy my dry food and toiletries. Uncle used his Monday day off to send me from Derby to Leeds on two occasions and helped me with moving. They both helped me house hunt and found this nice place for me. :) Leon and Mon bought me a cardigan for the cold days and that was so sweet of them! And they bought me so much good food!

Just want to take a moment to say thank you to my relatives here. Transition in a new country by myself was not as easy as I thought it would be and I'm so thankful I have them when I first came. :) I had a week with them to suit myself comfortably into UK lifestyle and had so many information given to me to help me start my life here. Even now, my aunt is still constantly calling me and checking up on me to make sure I am doing okay. :)

And if it weren't for my parents 20 years ago I wouldn't have family here to help me settle in so I'm thankful for them too!  Flashback to 20 years ago when Dad and Mum were first here in the UK. Daddy was studying architecture in Leicester and Mum followed him over to be with him. When Aunt and Uncle decided to come to the Uk, it was my parents who helped them settle in. When Daddy finished his studies, my parents decided to go to Singapore where as my relatives decided to build their life here. So here they are now. :) Amazing to think about how life happens right? :') So so thankful for everything.

With all the love,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week in Derby

Hello! Following my arrival in the UK, today I’m gonna talk about the rest of my adventure (mostly food) during my one-week stay in Derby with my relatives. :) It's been forever that I wished to visit Leon's place and finally it happened! I stayed in his room, which explains the picture of him drawn by his sister Chloe in the background. :)

#Haven't been taking much selfies lately so excuse the super bad lighting choice to start this post heh.

This is Derby on the UK map and it's located in East Midlands of England. :)

Walked to town one day and these are the scenes that I captured along the way. :)

First picture is the Derby library, followed by a random stretch of shop houses, followed by my little cousin Chloe and a housing street. So picturesque and classy every where you see (ignore the trash bins lol). But my appreciation for UK architecture is something Leon doesn't understand lol. For them, houses here are small but expensive. He prefers spacious homes in Malaysia.

 Aunt brought me to have steak one evening and it was so good! For 6 pounds you get an 8oz Sirloin with peas and a choice of chips or rice as sides. :) Btw most of the pictures I have uploaded to Facebook but I will summarily talk through.

Then Uncle and Aunt brought me to dim sum one morning. :) According to them this is only nice place to have dim sum in Derby. It was a Cantonese styled dim sum place hence the reason why the beef kuey teow were more oily. But it was so good and there was more beef than noodles haha which was awesome! And look at the prawns!

Nando’s one evening after Leon and Monika's gym session. So excited to know that there is Nando's in the UK! 

Mcd one afternoon with aunt and uncle. They made it a point for me to try the Big Tasty burger because it is so good and so big. Look at the comparison to the Big Mac which is of same size as the one in Malaysia and is already considered big. But believe or not I finished the whole Big Tasty burger myself whoots! (never doing that again)

Another time at Mcd for breakfast. Had their chicken sandwich, apple pie and mocha.

I wanna brag how spoiled I was during my week at my aunts. :) She really made sure that the children and I were well fed and taken care of! Pictures were my huge turkey ham sandwich for breakfast one morning, a typical English breakfast for another, and spaghetti bolognese for supper one night after my movie night with Leon and Mon.

The creams Aunt got for me in case my skin got dry due to the cold weather. She ordered them from a pharmacy even before my arrival and it was so thoughtful I love her. TT

Leon and Monika then brought me out one night to experience the clubbing scene here in UK. :) Dressed conservatively because I’m a boring Asian scared of the cold in the evening lol didn't bring any nice clothes too. Their cocktails tasted like fruit punch and they have the culture of pub hoping, which was really refreshing.

Taxis lining up outsides of pubs at the end of the night and a picture of gorgeous Monika while getting food after clubbing. Fun night! :D

With all the love,