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Departure to UK and Arrival 14-150914

14th September was the day I departed to UK. :) What an emotional journey it was building up to that day. I consider myself quite independent but at the same time, I'm such a cry baby as well. When I packed, I felt like crying. When I walked Vanilla, I felt like crying. When I drove lil bro to school, I felt like crying. When I ate with family, I felt like crying. I was an emotional wreck but I think I did an okay job containing myself. Haha or at least I think I did.

Excitement was a big portion of my emotions though! And I’m so thankful my family was so supportive of me. They were there for me before my departure and I'm so happy. :) I made an effort to spend more time with my family and they reciprocated but trying their best to put down electronically devices for me during meal times. :) Mom and Dad helped me exchange currency to British Pounds and I know it’s a compulsory act I guess, but I was really appreciative of them for doing so!

Daddy gave me a cute luggage because my old one was wearing out. :) And different from his usual non-nagging self, he started to tell me loads on what I should do and how I should take care of myself and all that.

Mom and uncle also treated me dinner at a seafood restaurant as farewell and I got to eat most of my favourite foods. +Butter crabs as supper that night while I watch TV that night :B

Which reminds me. Both trips when Tim visited Kuching I wanted to let him try the fried oyster pancakes. And when Tim was in Kuching this time round, Mum wanted to treat him to crabs. But that evening when we went out to get seafood, all the places were either full for some reason or ran out of crabs and oyster pancakes. In the end Tim didn’t get to eat either of them haha mum said he doesn’t have 口福. Sad case.

Hi Vanilla! :’) Oh and we have a new puppy at home now! Her name is Ginger, a brown poodle and she is Bev’s early birthday present. She is so precious but apparently Vanilla is afraid of her whutttttt. I heard when there are new puppies in the house and old dogs feel neglected they tend to fall into depression. I feel bad for not being able to be with him at this time. :( But even with a new puppy around the house, I’m sure Vanilla will still be receiving attention and love from the family so I'm not worried! 

The day before departure the family went out to a simple lunch at a chicken rice shop and it was nice. :)

Pictures were taken at the airport in the morning of the 14th after having breakfast together at Dad’s favourite place Ngiao Kee. :) The super clear and beautiful pictures were from Mum’s Samsung phone.

Travelling attire was casual and comfortable. With a black cardigan over a grey jersey dress matched with my black and white Doc Martens and beige Charles and Keith bag.

And then I flew. First transit was KL. Tired face in the picture because of all the crying. But I was so thankful I got to see Tim before I fly. :)

Before this Tim and friends offered to come send me off but I refused because I didn’t want to trouble them to come all the way and I didn’t want to cry in front of everyone. It was so sweet of them thou! The want-to-be-strong side of Keryn reassured Tim again and again I didn't want him to come because I didn't want to cry and I don't think I can bear to leave after that.

When I landed however, I started to go into a nervous attack. I hid in the toilet and cried. Immediately I called Tim who was still sleeping and told him I wanted to see him. :’( (Haha writing this now still brought me to tears because I could recall the helplessness I was feeling back at that moment.) So Tim, being his selfless and loving self, drove all the way to KLIA to meet me. I treated him lunch because that's all I could do for he came right away for me. I remember crying a lot that time. At one point we were just sitting in his car talking and I cried until I fell asleep. I’m so thankful for that 4-hour transit time though. I got to meet Tim and I felt so much better and more secure after that. Was so stupid of me thou to say that I didn't need him or anyone to come send me off!

After 4 hours of flying from KL, I landed in Hong Kong International Airport and transited there.

Daddy was really thoughtful of giving me Hong Kong Dollars for me to get food while I was there. It was a 4 hour wait and while that, I read One Day while having ice cream and also Mcd. :) The 10 dollar note was really colourful and looked like an amusement park ticket. :D

That was also the moment I tweeted about how I felt so cool because I have so many currencies in my wallet then lol- Malaysian Ringgits, British Pounds, Hong Kong Dollars for transit and leftover Taiwan and Singaporean Dollar notes. I still keep the different currencies with me to remind myself how blessed I am to be able to travel and visit so many places. :)

And this at the toys store selling Hong Kong Disneyland goodies reminds me of lil sis. :) All three of us haven't the chance to visit Disneyland but when I go for the first time I would love it to be with my siblings.

After about 10+ hours of flying, I landed in London Heathrow Airport. Flying long hours was not so torturing because I managed to sleep half of the time. :) And every time I woke up there was food. :B

Maybe because it was only my first time flying for so long, I was lucky because I didn't experience jet lag. London is far from Derby but Uncle and Aunt came all the way to fetch me I really appreciate it! I stayed at their place for a week before going over to Leeds.

The view by the motorway. It's so cute!!

The first thing I notice in UK were the houses. They all looked very miniature but so cozy as the same time. I really really love the vintage feels of the buildings here! At the same time, I'm super thankful we have big and spacious houses back in Malaysia and with that comes with a fenced yard to secure our cars.

After meeting up with Leon and Monika after their work, we went to Derby town to get dinner. Dinner was at a pan-Asian buffet restaurant called Cosmo. Enjoyed it a lot. :)

After dinner we went to have a walk around town before heading back. Derby is a beautiful little town! And again, I really appreciate how they build their buildings here.

UK is an early sleeper and it took me some time to get use to it because back home even at 12am midnight the city is still pretty busy with cars and people. The shops here closes at 5pm and by the late evening the town is almost empty. But I love the weather! It was not so chilly that it was uncomfortable but the breeze made it so enjoyable to walk around.

A picture with Costa- a chain coffee place which is Leon and Mon's alternative to Starbucks. And the Derby Ram, symbol for Derby city and their football team.

So yeah, here I am now! For the next one year or more (depends). And that was my transition from home to now in the UK. :) Talk more soon!

With all the love,

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