Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tim in Kuching + Our 1st Anniversary ♡

Hello!! Sorry I’ve been missing! I’ve been in the UK for about a month now (time flies!) and it has been really exciting. I have so much to update but I've no time plus no wifi at my UK home until now! *so angry I hate estate agents and their stupid promises. Anyway, I’ve made drafts and will be updating as frequently as I can to avoid back log of posts today onward. :)

Today I won’t be talking about UK though. Instead I will be talking about Tim and his visit to Kuching to see me prior to my departure. :) His visit was one week long then back to KL on the 8th September. Sad fact was, our first anniversary fell on September 10th so we didn’t get to spend it together. However, the week of memories was priceless and I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

I randomly went to sis’s room one day asking if I could wear her wig. Then this happened hahahahahahha!

As seen in the last post, Tim has finally met up with Leon and Monika, and that means he has met with all my loved cousins and I’m so happy. We have been hanging out in a group a lot and it was tons of fun. :)

Picture was one night when we went out to grab coffee at Coffee Clinic, just the two of us. :) Some alone time to chat and just hang out. I love it when we just talk and talk and have silly debates about our ideas and opinions- happiest feeling ever.

Had dinner at Gourmet Sausage before a movie one night. :) Don't think the burger was worth the price but the Grilled Lamb was really good. Had a quarrel about something before dinner but I’m sure it was over something stupid that I started lol. Was super moody at the start of dinner but the night ended happily. 

Then came the night before his departure back to KL. We went out for a date together and it was lovely. We said that it would be our simple anniversary celebration since we wouldn’t be spending it with each other on that actual day. :) 

Had late lunch at Sakae Sushi, Merdeka Palace. Salmon and Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi Rolls, Edamame, Ebi Mentai Sushi and assorted dish of salmons. :)))))))) And worth a mention, I now cannot eat Japanese food without wasabi! I never really appreciated wasabi until Tim's mum convinced me to try some saying it will make the dishes taste better so a big thanks to her. Now I always pester Tim who doesn't prefer to eat wasabi, to have some every time haha.

My latest trip to Hielo, after our sushi lunch, boosted my love for it to another level. :) 

Not sure whether the attendant was inexperienced or found me nice (hopefully the latter lol), my small sized Hielo cup was filled with large size's portion of frozen yogurt until there was little space left to place the toppings. He then went ahead and packed the toppings onto my tiny Hielo cup until everything went into overflow mode. I was a happy customer. :)

And even though Hielo still doesn't hire me as their ambassador after my numerous attempts of self-promotion on my blog lol, I still want to promote it cuz I love it nonetheless.

Then we went to have dinner at Porkies. :) We had a Mix Grill to share and as sides, we had their mushroom soup, buffalo wings and fried chicken wings. We ordered only one main dish because I was still full from Sakae Sushi. In my opinion, the standard of Porkies' food as dropped as compared to way back when they first started business. Still, it is a nice hang out place with good quality food so I would still give them my support in the future.

First anniversary present from Tim was a lovely charm from Pandora- Interlocking Love.  

We agreed not to get each other gifts because only recently we got each other our DW watches, but he still got something for me and that was really sweet of him! Only bought it after he went back to KL so I had to pick it up at The Spring myself haha sad. But he was the one making the decision on buying this charm for this occasion so it’s really meaningful. :)

On the actual day itself, we celebrated by giving each other long text with heart-felt words at 12am and then FaceTime. No complaints. It was lovely and I look forward to when we are able to spend our anniversary together. :) I miss Tim but long distance with 7 hour time difference, so far so good! 

With all the love,


HarukoBev said...

I always ask you to eat wasabi ==

kxin keryn pue said...

Haha I know. But you didn't manage to influence me. :B