Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week in Derby

Hello! Following my arrival in the UK, today I’m gonna talk about the rest of my adventure (mostly food) during my one-week stay in Derby with my relatives. :) It's been forever that I wished to visit Leon's place and finally it happened! I stayed in his room, which explains the picture of him drawn by his sister Chloe in the background. :)

#Haven't been taking much selfies lately so excuse the super bad lighting choice to start this post heh.

This is Derby on the UK map and it's located in East Midlands of England. :)

Walked to town one day and these are the scenes that I captured along the way. :)

First picture is the Derby library, followed by a random stretch of shop houses, followed by my little cousin Chloe and a housing street. So picturesque and classy every where you see (ignore the trash bins lol). But my appreciation for UK architecture is something Leon doesn't understand lol. For them, houses here are small but expensive. He prefers spacious homes in Malaysia.

 Aunt brought me to have steak one evening and it was so good! For 6 pounds you get an 8oz Sirloin with peas and a choice of chips or rice as sides. :) Btw most of the pictures I have uploaded to Facebook but I will summarily talk through.

Then Uncle and Aunt brought me to dim sum one morning. :) According to them this is only nice place to have dim sum in Derby. It was a Cantonese styled dim sum place hence the reason why the beef kuey teow were more oily. But it was so good and there was more beef than noodles haha which was awesome! And look at the prawns!

Nando’s one evening after Leon and Monika's gym session. So excited to know that there is Nando's in the UK! 

Mcd one afternoon with aunt and uncle. They made it a point for me to try the Big Tasty burger because it is so good and so big. Look at the comparison to the Big Mac which is of same size as the one in Malaysia and is already considered big. But believe or not I finished the whole Big Tasty burger myself whoots! (never doing that again)

Another time at Mcd for breakfast. Had their chicken sandwich, apple pie and mocha.

I wanna brag how spoiled I was during my week at my aunts. :) She really made sure that the children and I were well fed and taken care of! Pictures were my huge turkey ham sandwich for breakfast one morning, a typical English breakfast for another, and spaghetti bolognese for supper one night after my movie night with Leon and Mon.

The creams Aunt got for me in case my skin got dry due to the cold weather. She ordered them from a pharmacy even before my arrival and it was so thoughtful I love her. TT

Leon and Monika then brought me out one night to experience the clubbing scene here in UK. :) Dressed conservatively because I’m a boring Asian scared of the cold in the evening lol didn't bring any nice clothes too. Their cocktails tasted like fruit punch and they have the culture of pub hoping, which was really refreshing.

Taxis lining up outsides of pubs at the end of the night and a picture of gorgeous Monika while getting food after clubbing. Fun night! :D

With all the love,

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