Sunday, November 16, 2014

Keryn's Travelogue: Day Trip to Manchester

Intro picture with The Wheel of Manchester in the background. :)

Rebecca was having her week long break so she came to Leeds from Newcastle for a holiday. While she was here, we then decided to make a trip to visit Manchester on the Saturday.


Reached Manchester Piccadilly station after an hour train ride. :) Thank you to the stranger who took this picture for us but sadly the wind wasn't in my favour.

Winter coat- New Look // scarf- HM 

Manchester is a busy city with the Wheel of Manchester as the landmark of their city center. I personally like Leeds more thou because our city center is prettier and more luxurious, I feel. :P

First stop was Trof, a pub known for serving good brunch. Their menu is unique but so creepy thou!

Mocha, my Avocado and Poached Egg on Toast, and Sue's Big Breakfast. My dish was so gooooood. Super love avocado on toast and with the egg yolk, it was perfection!

Us with our dishes. :) Didn't manage to take one of Becca's. Her order was Poached Egg and Mushroom Toast.

A happy wefie (don't really like this word lol) on the streets after a satisfying brunch. :) Btw makeup of the day was a fall-inspired brown smokey eye with peachy-nude lip. For my future reference and in case you're wondering, my lip shade was Loreal Fairy Touch.

Our next stop was Afflecks, a building block of vintage shops. Love their super eccentric and unique design. There are a lot of shops selling all sorts vintage items and pre-loved clothing. Every stairway has its own personality. I loved this place!

In conjunction with Halloween as well, the stairways were decorated with rotten hand and feet hanging from the ceiling. There are many costumes shops to be found here so it's a perfect place to hunt for a Halloween costume! A lot of the shop keepers here were also dressed in full Halloween costumes which was really cool.

Meet up with Sue and Becca's friend, Sin Tong and had coffee together at this beautiful artisan place. :) (unfortunately I forgot the name heh)

There toilets were in their own way very artistic as well! Love this quote, "No matter how much changes while you're away, nothing ever changes." 

Then we made our way by bus to Intu Trafford Center. :) 

On our way, we passed by this bridge and I thought it was unique and so I took a picture of it. Turned out, this is also one of Manchester city's landmark, the Hulme Arch Bridge. It is very special because the diagonal design of the arch serves as the sole support of the suspension Stretford Road.

The fabulous view of the Hulme Arch bridge in the evening lights. (Picture credits

Apart from the diagonal support of the road, the uniqueness of the bridge also lies in the design and placement of the cables- viewed at different angles you will see different designs.  Unfortunately this can only be observed when you are travelling on Princess Road instead of Stretford Road. (Picture credits)

On our way we also traveled pass the Manchester United Stadium. :) Football fans would make this a must-visit when they visit Manchester but we were not very keen football fans ourselves so we skipped the visit to this iconic landmark.

And we arrived at Intu Trafford Centre. :))

One of the things that caught my eye was this transparent piano in the middle of the walk-way which plays itself. Before becoming a decoration, Sir Elton John has also performed on this piano.

This is Intu Trafford Centre from the outside btw. It is HUGE. To help you somewhat visualize, we've established that the mall can be equated to size of One Utama Mall with the glamourous design that of Sunway Pyramid. (Picture credits)

Don't have Forever 21 in Leeds btw so a visit while here was a must! Love playsuits and this piece I tried on was so pretty! End up not buying because I felt that it was a tad too grown-up for me. Wrong decision?

This is the entrance to Intu's food court and the food court itself was so huge and totally awesome! Didn't take a shot of it thou so to put a picture in your mind, it kinda reminds me of the food court in Marina Bay Sands.

Our last stop in Manchester was Koreana for some Korean food craving fix. :) It's been so long! Ordered their Sundubu Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae, Beef Bibimbap and a portion of Spicy Rice Cakes to share. No picture of ourselves because we were not looking presentable at the end of the long day lol.

Missing Taylor's Laskeside's Korean food restaurant, so accessible and inexpensive as compared to here. So happy they have Sundubu Jjigae (soft tofu spicy Korean stew), which is my go-to dish at Korean restaurants from back home. They serve the dish with beef instead of seafood though. Food was good but not as spicy compared to back home and the price. TT In Malaysia, my dish would cost Rm13 while here it was around £9 which is almost Rm50. Definitely a splurge but we need our Korean food!!

And that's the end of my eventful day in Manchester. Till the next time! :)

With all the love,

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