Monday, November 3, 2014

New in Leeds- Life Update

Been so busy lately! Good kind of busy. So much things to post about so sometimes it's overwhelming that I don't know where to start! But I think go about it by starting with the basics that is to introduce to you guys my life here in the Leeds. :)

Maroon top- Topshop // bag- Mango // jeans- Forever 21// knitted cardigan- gift from Leon and Monika which I love!

This is Leeds on the UK map. Leeds is located in the West Yorkshire of England and it is the third largest city in the United Kingdom. :)

Leeds is a beautiful city btw. I'm really glad I chose to come here. :) Picture above shows the city centre and it is busy all the time. It is about 10-15 minutes walk from my campus. 

Many of the nice brands can be found here- H&M, Gap, Topshop, New Look, Zara, Victoria Secret and so on. To my delight, Mango is also available here! :D Sadly we don't have Forver 21 and Uniqlo. Here, luxurious shopping is also available. The bottom picture is Victoria Quarter, fancy interior with its array of luxury brands, a lot of which I don't know about. Trinity Shopping Mall is the go to shopping mall here but sadly I didn't take a picture of it. We also have an Ikea here! I haven't a chance to visit it thou because it's not within walking distance.

At Patisserie Valerie, a super nice brunch place. :) The food is so good and picture perfect which is always a plus. During my visit, I had their Tuna Club Sandwich served with chips and salad.

Asked Sue and Becca to pose for my camera and this was what I got haha. Got to know them from Kueendom and I'm so happy I have them here. :) We have so many things in common like love for dancing, make up, nice food and coffee.

Took this at Starbucks. :) Sat down only to find that the cup left by previous customer was written Tim. It's as if I was at Starbucks with Tim. :') Haha saddddddddddddd. They spelt my name wrong!

I have Costa more than Starbucks now thou because Costa is more accessible for me, having one near my house and one near campus main building. Sorry Starbucks I still love you nonetheless.

University of Leeds Parkinson's building, which houses the Brotherton Library of my university. When I googled University of Leeds from Malaysia this was the building that popped up most. Probably the nicest, but this is however only one of the many many many buildings on my campus. Maybe I will blog about my campus soon we'll see. :)

Leeds is a city university like Taylor's Lakeside and it's also one of the reasons why I chose here. (other than the fact that the Law School is quite nice and it's also one of the leading universities in the UK) I feel home at city places rather than having to walk on mud to classes- true story from friends- or having to travel 45 minutes just to get to the city from campus. And a nice campus environment helps a lot!

Outside Leeds Student Union during Freshers Week. Loads were going on with Club and Societies Fair and all that exciting stuff. I joined the Freestyle Dance Society here btw! Here in Leeds there are about 200 societies? But I only thought of joining the dance societies (other than Massoc, which was the only other society I joined). Auditioned for the competition team on Friday, do wish me luck!

My student card.  The card that entitled me my identity in the school and discounts to eateries and shopping haha. I'm forever fond of my student cards, especially this one which the students were allowed to choose their own pictures and finally for once I looked nice in a passport style photo.

Angeline is now is Bristol, which is like so farrrrr from Leeds. :C But she visited and we managed to catch up while here! So happy. I am missing her tons. :(

Had dinner together at Charcoals that evening, to find that it is literally fake Nando's lol. The menu is similar- 1/4 chicken, 1/2 chicken, 3 chicken wings, 5 chicken wings etc with sides like chips and mash potatoes. The sauces are served in bottles like the one in Nando's. They made an effort to change Peri-peri Chips to Piri-piri chips to avoid copyright and I found it so funny. Now my friends and I just refer to this eatery as fake Nando's lol.

With the Taylor's Law School gang whom I wasn't close with back in Malaysia but has gotten close to while here. :) We come from different cohorts and we represent Taylor's Law School in Leeds (haha made ourselves sound so important but in fact we are not TT)

A get together at Ngam and Wei Hong's place one evening to have steam boat. Food was so good and it felt like I was close to home a moment there. :))

First clubbing experience in Leeds was at Control and it was a Freshers Party organised by Massoc (Malaysian and Singaporean Society). Drank with housemates to celebrate Kim's birthday and had a blast at the party that night. :)

Skirt- Forever 21 //

Had Sunday Roast with the housemates one time. :) Every one cooked something and food added up to become a huge portion. Had mash, veges, oven baked chicken and potatoes, stuffing and Yorkshire Pudding all topped of with gravy. Housemates are super friendly and fun, I'm so lucky.

This is the kitchen in my home btw! Picture taken while I was waiting for food on the stove. Quite nice in my opinion. :) So lucky to have found this place because the agent is really nice to have set up everything and my housemates are fairly clean people. Compared to the disgusting kitchen back in my KL apartment, this is like heaven. I really enjoy cooking now.

This was my room when I first moved in. See all the things my aunt prepared for me and them helping me move to my room. :) How could I have done all this myself? Still thankful!

And my room now. :)) Tried to make it as homey and girly as possible. Blue walls, carpets and curtains don't help but I made do. Favourite parts of my room are my bed (Look how comfortable it is!) and the hanger over my door where I hang my scarves which I love.

Desk is multi-functional, being not only my water counter, vanity but also my study table lol. I have Milo brought from home in the corner under my desk and it's always comforting to be able to drink a taste from home in the morning or sometimes during cold, sleepless nights. My room is facing the main road and I'm happy with that because the view is nice, I can see the sky and I don't have to look at back alleyways. I have a window and I get plenty of sun whenever it's sunny outside, which is a must too.

So yea, I'm happy with my living space. :) Not to mention I saved tons of money for my parents for not living in uni-residences *proud daughter*. And I'm settling down well here in Leeds! School is good, social life is good. That's all for now!

With all the love,

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