Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Dinner w/ Freestyle Dance 041214

Christmas came early for me this year haha. Went for a Christmas dinner with Freestyle Dance last Thursday. :) 

Will also be having another Christmas dinner with Malaysian Society tomorrow night! Last class for me this year was yesterday and assignment due tomorrow has been submitted so yay! No classes until January and holidays have officially started for me. :) Time really flies, I'm already here having completed one whole semester!

Saw the campus' Christmas tree when came out from class on Thursday. It's only decorated with golden lights- so simple but so pretty! And in the picture the tree looks really small but you can compare with the two asians taking pictures on the left. It's actually super huge. :D Haha my friend was teasing me like, "See, only Asians will take pictures of the tree!"

Our dinner was held at a pub beside campus called The Library. Three tables decorated with Christmas-y items were prepared for the group. :)

Didn't dress up for this Christmas Dinner because I went right after classes on the Thursday. Didn't want to wear makeup to class and all that hassle so I decided to put on a dressier dusty pink blouse and keep everything else casual. :) In a blink of an eye hair is again so long now! Thinking of getting a shorter do...

Let's get right into the 3-course meal I had that evening. :D

Appetizer was Classic Prawn Cocktail, main course was Traditional Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and dessert was Black Forest Brownie Cheesecake. 

Didn't expect the appetizers to be such a big portion. Prawns were super fresh and  tasty with lemon I really liked the dish. Especially around Christmas season I think my favourite food for the moment is Yorkshire Pudding! It's the big bowl-shaped pastry in my main course dish. They are crispy on the outside soft and chewy on the inside and tastes super awesome with gravy. :DD Bacon wrapped sausages are a Christmas food in the Uk but I don't really fancy it as much.The cheesecake was so so but as a dessert lover I still managed to finished it after two big courses!

The 3-course meal was £9.45 each. We were given each course 3 choices from their Christmas menu and I'm happy with what I chose. :)

Pictures with pretty friends from all around the world. :) 

Group picture at the end of the night. Looking forward to making new memories with this bunch. :)

Many have been here for years now and are already close to each other. It's always hard to try to fit in an already super-close group of people so I will take it slow. It's also hard to fit new people into your close groups, I know how that feels. Being Asian doesn't help! Lol. But people here are really friendly and nice so it made it so much easier for me. I'm so happy I chose Freestyle Society.

Participated in my first Intercomp dance competition with them a few weeks ago and went partying together at Fruity after that. :D Auditioned and got into Freestyle Intercomp Team. Auditioned and got into Freestyle Hip-Hop Team as well! Practices will start in January so excited.

This is how my living room looks like now from the outside. Isn't it pretty? All thanks to my lovely housemates. :D

P/S loving everything about December except the weather! It's getting too cold too soon :C

With all the love,

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