Thursday, December 4, 2014

Keryn's Travelogue: Trip to Flamingo Land, England

With this bunch of law school friends, I went on a field trip to Flamingo Land last month. :) 

When we visited, it was the last weekend of the season before the park closes until Winter season so it was not crowded. The weather was sunny and not too cold, and queues for the rides were short and sweet. Glad we chose to go on the day we did!

It was also Halloween weekend and there was a buy one get one free admission promotion if at least one person dressed up in full costume. Would've saved 3 admission tickets if 3 person dressed up but no one wanted to la so we paid £29 each lol.


Flamingo Land is located in small town of Malton, North Yorkshire which was around 1 hour train ride from Leeds. We departed from Leeds as early as 8.15 am that day. :)

We were one of the first groups to have arrived at Flamingo Land that morning lol and the park was empty when we reach. Pictures above were taken when we walked around the park while waiting for the rides to start operation after their test runs.

Our first ride of the day was Kumali, the roller coaster with the super steep drop in the picture above. So fun so fun. :D

Love the rides!! Super happy with their roller coasters. Always so afraid before the rides but came down with a big smile on my face every time. :D My only weakness I think is that I do not dare to sit in the first row no matter what I play. Second okay but never the first row LOL.

The blue ride was called The Navigator and it was so fun!! It was not a scary ride per se but it goes higher than expected and was so exciting. Down point, felt like vomiting after the ride. My weakness at theme parks used to be pirate ship styled rides and I was so afraid of them until my last visit to Sunway Lagoon when I conquered my fear. :D But I still don't really like them because I get nauseous easily on those rides. (Picture of Navigator credits)

While the cliff hanger was every one's weakness LOL. This is the same as the one at Genting Highlands and most of us claim to have been on the one at Genting but dare not go on this ride this time round hahaha. (Picture of Cliff Hanger credits)

Favourite ride of the park have to be Velocity! It's a roller coaster with the concept of bike racing and you zoom through the tracks at super high speed. SO FUN OMG. Here's a link to the video from the front seat of the ride, of which still gives me goosebumps of excitement when I watch it. :D (Velocity: first pic credits, second pic credits)

Lunch was Fish and Chips for £5 and dessert was Rum & Raisin and Peppermint ice cream for £2+. There's just something special about eating ice creams in winter. :D

After lunch we went to visit the place where holiday trailer homes were being sold. The visit of this part of the park took unexpectedly long because friends decided this was the perfect place to take hundreds of group shots LOL.

Before our Flamingo Land visit came to an end, we took the Daktari Express and visited the Zoo and Conservation. :) We were close to not visiting this part of the park but I persistently insisted lol. NEVER GIVE UP A CHANCE TO SEE ANIMALS!

Found the Flamingo Conservation which finally in a very remote way explains the name of the theme park lol.

Penguin Lagoon was so cute. :) In the second pic, the penguins will pop their heads up and look at you when you walk past because they thought you're going to feed them. Lucky for us, we were in time to catch the last feeding session of the day and it was something I've never experienced before! 

When the feeders entered the ring, seagulls came out of nowhere and started to crowd around the lagoon. When the penguins started getting fed the seagulls aggressively battled with the penguins for fish. Can't really capture it in pictures but it was super intense! At Flamingo Land they also have a program called Zoo Keeper for A Day, of which with a fee you'll get to experience the life of a zoo keeper and feed the animals. :D Must have been quite an experience for the 2 zoo keepers of the day there haha.

There were loads to see but my phone battery was close to dying so I refrained from taking too many pictures. I really enjoyed seeing the animals and I'm sure my friends enjoyed it too YAY. The trip to the zoo part ended with us enjoying the sea lion show. :D

At this field too friends decided this to be another perfect place to take hundreds of pictures lol.

OOTD was a super fail today btw because nothing matched with nothing lol. 

Wanted to be comfy and causal so I wore my grey-green Converses but it matched with nothing else on me. My maroon bag also matched with nothing else. Supposedly just gonna have my black and white sweater on which matches my black scarf but turned out it was too cold for me so I survived by wearing my Tyy Pei's blue hoodie from Uniqlo the whole day. (Thanks so much girl! :3) My cold tolerance is surprisingly low so among my friends, I was the only one wearing scarves and gloves. All in all I looked like a homeless person with zero fashion sense that day thank you very much. -Rant ends-

A group picture overlooking the theme park in the background to end this post. It was a superb day! Even better when we ended the evening having dinner at Nando's when we got back to Leeds. :D

With all the love,


Jonsey said...

Wow .. After only 1 mth plus in Uk.,you look so fair already!

kxin keryn pue said...

Don't think I became fairer thou! Maybe it's just the pictures. But thank you that's very nice to hear :D