Saturday, December 6, 2014

Leeds: German Christmas Market 2014

Visited the German Christmas Market with Suzanne the other day. :) 

The Christmas market is located at Millenium Square and it started operation since mid November until 17th December. Heard that Leed's Christmas market is not as extravagant and big as the ones in other cities but I still find it beautiful nontheless and it was worth the visit. For example Manchester is a city that is said to have one of the prettiest Christmas markets.

Went on a weekday straight after class so the market was not as crowded as on the weekends. All sorts of Christmas related/ non-related things and food were being sold from Christmas ornaments and chocolates to multi flavoured coffee beans and Buddha statues so there were loads to see.

Poffertjes is a German dessert, I think, that resembles mini pancakes and is available with a variety of topping choices. It was really popular among my friends and a lot of people recommended me it but I didn't try it lol.

I did try this and I loved it! Visited Christmas market twice and twice I bought this to eat - they are chocolate coated marshmallows of different flavours. First time I had the Irish Cream flavoured one and the second time the Amaretto flavoured one. Both are alcohol flavoured I know lol, but they appeal to me most among the choices. Enjoyed them both!

I am not a marshmallow person but somehow I really liked this. :D The texture of the marshmallow inside is fluffy and soft but not too soft to the extend that it's disgusting. The coat of chocolate is a plus of course! And there is a crunchy waffle base which is the perfect ending to this delicious dessert.

Picture with our marshmallows in front of the carousel. :D 

Nutella crepes are sold too! As much as I love Nutella, I didn't opt for this because the crepes made are soggy ones while I prefer my crepes crispy. Random fact: Crepe is pronounced as crap, which I didn't know LOL. Used to pronounce it as creep until corrected by lil sis and cousin's boyfie James.

Hundreds of Nutcracker merchandise being sold. So cute!

Christmas themed donuts. :D

Went to an indoor eating area to have our food. Had the German sausage, cranberry and cheese pretzel and cinnamon sugar churros (which I didn't manage to take a picture of). :)

Had a German friend told me the German sausages are not authentic tho! Said the taste is different compared to back home and quote, it's really cute that British people do this (German markets). The irony though, LOL!

Price of the food are relatively pricey but you pay the money for the experience so the small splurge is justified I guess. :B Really enjoyed my visit and am excited to explore the Christmas markets in other cities!

Jacket- Cotton On // scarf- Zara

The night ended with me accompanying Suzanne into town to get groceries before heading back. Leeds is so beautiful. I'm beginning to feel attached to this place. Again I'm so blessed and thankful to have chosen to come here! 

With all the love,

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