Sunday, December 28, 2014

Keryn's Travelogue: Burger & Lobster + Winter Wonderland, London

It was my first time visiting London- one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I'm so blessed to have visited the iconic city, and especially with my babes Anita and Sue Yin.  :)


I'm sure everyone knows where London is on the UK map haha, but for the sake of completion I will include it anyway. :) London is the capital of England and UK and it is the most populated city in the UK.

Traveled with Anita from Cardiff to London early morning on the 19th. It was a 3 hours bus ride. We arrived at Victoria Station around noon and met up with Sue Yin, who came down from Reading. :) Random scenery pictures taken while visiting the Buckingham Palace and Green Park.

Our lunch that afternoon was the very famous Burger and Lobster. :) There is a good drinks and wine list but food menu was really simple- For £20 you get to have one among the three: the Lobster, Lobster Roll or the Burger. Each set is served with sides of shoestring chips and salad, and the sauce of your choice of either butter or garlic butter.

The concept is really simple but effective and the restaurant was packed with people. When we first came we were asked to wait for an hour before getting a table so I'd suggest you to make a table reservation before visiting. The food is really good and I really enjoyed the dining experience. I wanna try their lobster roll next. Will definitely visit again!

Burger & Lobster
29 Clarges Street
W1J 7EF London
Tel No: 020 7409 1699

Then we visited London's Eye, Big Ben, House of Parliament and Trafalgar Square. :) We also went to Chinatown London, where we had Chinese pastries like Oil Sticks (You Tiao) and Egg Tarts. While there, we also bought ourselves Chatime, which was a must for Sue Yin and I everyday after lunch back in Law school year 1. En-route to the Winter Wonderland, we also visited shopping district Piccadilly Circus.

Bomber jacket- Topshop // Maroon scarf- Topshop// Beige sweater dress- HM// Bag- MNG// Ankle booties- Deichman

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Market located at Hyde Park was so beautiful btw! Every corner was super festive with lights and Christmas decorations. The pictures do no justice as to how beautiful the market was in real life! Besides the beautifully decorated shops, there were a lot of attractionsrides and different bars that I didn't manage to capture so I left links for you to get an idea how exciting the Christmas Market was. By comparison it is A LOT bigger than Leeds' Christmas Market and took us around 2 hours to make a complete round. So happy I got visit it. :)

A wefie to end my one day trip to London, and a really enjoyable trip with the girls. :) Don't know when will I be seeing them again but I'm so glad we got to spend time together! Really love them to bits. So excited to say though that I'll be visiting London again really soon and I can't wait to explore the city even more. Hope you enjoyed reading today!

With all the love,


Anonymous said...

That's really awesome!

kxin keryn pue said...

You mean the Winter Wonderland? It is isn't it! I really enjoyed myself. :)