Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Keryn's Travelogue: Trip to Cardiff, Wales

Happy Christmas Eve everybody!

Since Winter break started, I planned for myself a one-week holiday to visit my relatives and friends around the UK. Will be talking about my trip to Cardiff to visit Anita today. Intro pic taken on the train on my way to Cardiff. :) I actually went to Derby before visiting Cardiff but I'm only gonna blog about my Derby trip after Christmas, for alongside that I also want to talk about the Christmas presents received from my relatives after I unwrap them on Christmas day. :D


Cardiff is the capital of Wales and it's located in the south of UK. Signboards here contain two languages- English and Welsh. Here's a greeting to you, "Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda" which means Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Welsh. :) Fascinating isn't it? How a language can have words made up without containing a single vowel, which is unheard of in the English language. Neither I nor Anita know how to pronounce Welsh words (especially with vowels absent) so I'll leave it to you to pronounce the phrase according to your own liking okay lol.

If you've been following my blog long enough you should already know Anita, a really close friend of mine for 3 years and counting and a regular guest on my blog during our 1st year of law school. :) 

The very first thing we did was finding a place to catch up on life updates over tea and Anita introduced me to Barker Tea House. I really love this cafe for its cozy ambiance and classy design. And they serve specialty teas. (Picture credits) Had their Amaretto Hot Chocolate while Anita had their Jasmine tea. With that, we also tried the Banana and White Chocolate Cake and Scone with jam and clotted cream.

Barker Tea House
High Street Arcade,
CF10 1BB Cardiff 

Cardiff was really wet during my two-day visit so we spent most of the time here leisurely exploring malls and the many arcades in the city center. :) Wind was crazy and it was raining almost the whole time. Didn't get to visit the castles and tourist attractions due to the bad weather but it was all good because I really enjoy relaxed holidays too. :)

I loved the arcades here because there are so many unique, hidden-jewel shops. One of my favourite was Rossiters, located at the Royal Arcade, which in my opinion was really worth a visit! It's a shop selling furniture on one floor and miscellaneous things on the other. Quirky unique things can be found here as well, which would make perfect Secret Santa gifts haha. A memorable one was a note book that has the words, "Mom's Super Long To-Do List" on the cover, which made me laugh to myself like literally. While I was repeatedly giggling at the funny cute things I found in the shop, I observed many other customers giggled to themselves at their own funny discoveries as well haha.

In the shop they also have this beautiful jewelry display that separated accessories according to colour- silver, gold and rose gold. I'm usually drawn to gold accessories but I walked out the shop that day with a beautiful silver necklace. :)

I was also excited to know there is an e.l.f. store in Cardiff, also located in the Royal Arcade. Got myself their Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Feeling Lucky, Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted and their Maximum Coverage Concealer in Nude.

I learnt about the cosmetic brand e.l.f. from beauty YouTubers and thought it's only available in the US. Which was true until now, for this flagship store is the first in Europe! Lucky me. :) Their cosmetics are really affordable (got my three items for only £11) but of good quality hence are very popular among beauty gurus, so I'm really happy to be trying out the brand!

In between shopping on the second day, we had tea at John Lewis' The Place To Eat. Again, it was hot chocolate for me and tea for Anita. Had their Millionaire's Shortbread which I love and was also introduced to Welsh Cakes, a traditional teatime favourite in Wales. :)

Anita was an awesome host btw! She set out to make sure my Malaysian food cravings were satisfied during my visit. First night she made for me Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken for dinner and on the second she made Pan Mee. :)

Anita knew that I don't really crave for Malaysian food as much as many of my friends because I really really enjoy western, but she said she wanted to make sure that I get the most Malaysian food that I can while here, which was really sweet of her haha. So for lunch on the second day, Anita brought me to Cafe Malaysia. :)

The restaurant serves authentic Malaysian food like Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik, Roti Canai and so on. I had the meal deal of Asam Laksa and Chicken Dumplings for £10 and Anita's Vegetarian Curry Pot with rice was £8. For the same food, it's of course so much pricier compared to back home. But food was alright and if you need cravings fulfilled, I would recommend it. :)

And that wraps up my short but sweet trip to Cardiff! Thank you Anita for the hospitality and I hope you'd make a trip to visit Leeds soon! x

With all the love,

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