Thursday, December 25, 2014

Visiting Derby 14-171214

Love my intro pics except for the photobombing car in the background. As I mentioned before, before visiting Cardiff I went to Derby to visit my relatives. And I love Chloe for always being so excited whenever I visit. ♥

Initially I was asked to come during Christmas so we could celebrate the holidays together. But I was requested at the same time to work over the holidays hence I arranged my visit at a time where it wouldn't clash with my shifts before and after Christmas. (Who knew I've no work after all fml) But the visit to Derby was really nice nonetheless. :)

Picture above is my Children's Meal Sunday roast at a really fancy pub called Standing Order (picture credits)- Roasted beef with potatoes, veges and gravy. Note another appearance of my loved Yorkshire Pudding as well. :D Just like my last visit, this visit was filled with yummy food non-stop. My aunt always feel the need to give a disclaimer, "If you grow fat don't blame Akim okay!" because during my visit she would buy me chocolates and feed me a lot of good food haha.

Dinner first evening was pineapple and chicken fried rice, egg pancakes, KFC chicken and gravy over the Mahjong table in between our Jiatkut hang out session. Yum!

Second day lunch was at a pub called The Argosy. :) I had the Fish & Chips while Aunt and Uncle each had the Gammon Steak and the Classic Beef Burger. 

Then dinner that evening was at Slug and Lettuce Derby- a classy restaurant that serves really good food and doubles as a pub during the night. :) (Picture credits) What is picture taking when food is here? thought Leon and Uncle, nom nom nom lol. Slug and Lettuce is a franchise all over UK btw and we have one here in Leeds as well! Went for drinking there once before but now that I've tried their food, I will definitely be visiting it again soon.

The two sharing starters we had were amazing- the Fisherman's Platter and the Ultimate Platter. Fisherman's Platter contained fried cod fish fillets, calamaris, scampis and garlic butter king prawns served with chips and garlic bread. While the Ultimate Platter contained fried chicken fillet, garlic mushrooms, pork ribs and onion rings served with garlic bread and potato wedges. The platters came with different sauces and dips and both were so good!! So glad it was a big group that evening that I got to try 2 giant platters. :D

The mains were Cottage Pie, Smoked Haddock, Salmon and King Prawn Pie (which looks the same as the first dish), Rump Steak with rice, Italian-styled Salmon with potato wedges and peppers, Open Chicken Pie. And my order was the Smoked Salmon and Avocado Wrap. :) Getting so hungry while writing this!

Pictures taken at the house after dinner. :)

Lunch third day was McDonald's so I didn't grab a picture. Dinner was Salmon and Asparagus in Cream Tagliatelle and Ham Cheese Paninis by Chef Akim. :D

And soon enough I had to leave for Cariff the next day. :C Before I left, Akim was so nice to make me Pandan cake to bring to Cardiff to share with my friends. Friends loved it. :D

Before leaving for Derby I figured since it was the Christmas season, I decided to prepare gifts for the relatives. :) 

Back home growing up, my family do not celebrate Christmas and we do not practice gift giving during the holidays. So it was really a spontaneous and out of the blue decision for me! Gift picking and to find the perfect packaging for each gift was stressful to be honest. But I love gift wrapping and when the presents turned out looking so pretty, I felt so excited to be giving them their presents. :D Really hope they will like the presents I picked out for each of them!

When I reached Derby I placed the Christmas presents I prepared under their Christmas tree, only to realize that they got gifts for me too. ♥ The gift that first caught my eye under the tree was the big box wrapped in gold and I was in awe when I found out it was actually for me! The blue Pandora bag was also for me. :')

Thank you so so much for the presents. I really love them all! Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette gift set with Shower Creme and Body Lotion from Akim, Ferrero Rocher box from Chloe, and Real Techniques Limited Edition Brush Set from Monika. No pic but I received the Red Cherry Blossom Pandora charm from Leon which it's now added to my bracelet. :))))))

Love this series of picture taken with the Christmas lights in Derby town center credits to my uncle. :) Hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas!

With all the love,


Jonsey said...

Love the last 2 pics. Nice decorative Xmas tree lightings perfect for pic taking. And that little girl is so cute. :))

kxin keryn pue said...

Thanks! And yes she is! My little cousin is a darling. :)