Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Disneyland Paris II

Today I will continue writing about my visit to Disneyland Paris with Tim. :) Alright where was I? Then came 4.45pm which was time for the Parade! Picture was taken before the parade and it was my favourite selfie that day so perfect intro pic for this post.

Sleeping Beauty's fairies led the parade gliding through the crowd on solowheels
Picture shows Cinderella's prince thinking, "Can you not be so kua-jiong?" LOL
Frozen's Anna and Elsa, and Tangled characters at the back ♥
Mary Poppins ♥♥♥ One of my fav movies of all time!
Alice in Wonderland. Not really a fan of the movie because it makes
me depressed seeing Alice go through so many miserable events lol
Jessie looks really creepy with NO NECK!!
Toy Story ♥

Winnie the Pooh characters. Tiger came really close to me
but only to greet the children in front of me. TT

Peter Pan!! ♥♥ Also one of my fav Disney movies of all time.
Mosaic-ed his face because he was moving so fast the blurriness of the picture made him less attractive LOL
Came towards me also only to greet the little kids in front of me fml.
Finale by the classic Disney characters. Ngawww them feels.

The parade was the highlight of my day. :) I grew up watching Disney Channel and I watched almost all the movies and shows so everything felt really close to heart. Kept holding myself back from bursting into tears when familiar characters stroll down the parade walk smiling and waving at you.

Video of parade credits to Tim. The song in the video played throughout the parade and it's super catchy omg!!

Early dinner and our first proper meal of the day was at The Lucky Nugget Saloon. Had their BBQ Pork Ribs set that was served with onion rings, curly fries, a drink and a sundae. Don't remember the exact price of the set but it was around €30 for the both of us. The portion was good. The meal was really yummy and satisfying!

We only then went to explore Main Street USA which we didn't during the day. There are many restaurants and it's where most of the souvenir shops were located. We walked away from here with a bag of candy from a sweets store.

Once the sun has set the castle was lit with blue lights and the tower roofs beautifully sparkled. What a view! Then we went to sit in front of the castle to wait for the fireworks to start. :)

On the program guide it said the fireworks would start at park closing time and on the website it said the park will be closing at 7pm. We found ourselves a good spot and sat on the stone-cold ground to wait. During the wait I was freezing so Tim ran off to get us some hot chocolate. He was gone for almost 45 minutes and I was freaking out in fear of losing him in the crowd. #overlyattached LOL Turned out there was a long queue at a pancake stall where everyone was asking for hot drinks. Hot chocolate tasted amazing in the cold weather. The fireworks started at 830pm. :)

Fireworks were amazing. :) The story of the fireworks was Peter Pan who lost his shadow and ended up chasing after it through many many Disney stories. Enjoyed my day at the happiest place on earth. Can't wait to visit again and will definitely bring my children to Disneyland in the future ♥

Flash back to the morning before heading to Disneyland, when we were buying our train tickets a couple that walked past us saw us in front of the ticketing machine and told us that trains are free of charge for the day. We were like, "Oh really?" :DDD It was unexpected and we were pleasantly surprised. Our to and from Disneyland journeys were free of charge thanks to the Paris government. When we returned home I wanted to know what promotion we were so lucky to have happened to come across. Turned out the trains were free for the day for people of Paris especially those living far to travel to the city to attend a march in Paris regarding the 'Je suis Charlie' case. More than 3 million people turned out for the Paris march and it was called the largest gathering in the history of Paris. (Read here)

Twitted about this before but I wanna quickly mention this again. Thinking back I feel really fortunate that Tim and I were safe during our trip to Paris.  A lot of people were shocked that Tim and I were there around the period where the Charlie Hebdo case happened and asked us to stay safe. Trip was pre-planned and I'm thankful that we got to enjoy the beauty of Paris even at a period of time like this. Just wanna say thank you Paris for being good to us. We are really blessed. :)

And this wraps up our trip to Paris! Two days with only one day to explore the city was definitely not enough. Will definitely visit again if I have the opportunity! Hopefully I will come back again in the summer. :D

The instant I am typing this, Tim will be flying back to Malaysia tomorrow. It will be long distance for us again till when I return home. But I'm not gonna be emotional this time (haha like for the first time) cuz I had him here all to myself for so long during my winter break. The three weeks of doing nothing productive except traveling and spending time together has been amazing wheeee. It was superb while it lasted. :D Time has come for us to return to our own busy lives again, him with work and myself with final semester of law school until we meet again. #Thankful

With all the love,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Disneyland Paris 110115

Visited Disneyland for the first time ever in my life! Can I safely say that Disneyland is every child's dream? Well mine came true during my 23rd year on earth. :D (2015 I'm already 23 years old OMG)

And since our trip was planned months ago and Disneyland was planned to fall on the 11th, we were so lucky the weather that day was perfect! Really sunny unlike other days during our trip which were either rainy or cloudy. Felt like it was meant to be. And I'm so happy I'm here with Tim. :) He's just one of the many many boyfriends dragged to Disneyland just to accompany their girlfriend? Haha reluctant or not, I'm sure he enjoyed himself very much too! Would have been even more perfect thou if my siblings were here with me because I've always wanted to go to Disneyland with them. :(

Got ourselves the 1Day1Park Mini tickets for €37 each which means we're entitled to access to one of the two parks: Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios. We chose to visit Disneyland Park. :) Disneyland Park is made up of classic Disney characters and fairy tales like Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses, while Walt Disney Studios features more recent animations and high-tech experiences like Cars and Ratatouille.

Decision was made together to go for only one of the parks because we only had a day at Disneyland. Figured we won't be able to fully explore both parks in a day- would be disappointing if we left out anything and it would also be less enjoyable if we were to rush around pressuring ourselves to finish exploring everything. And I personally chose Disneyland Park over Walt Disney Studios because there's the castle and the parade and the fireworks, which are musts when you visit Disneyland especially if it's a first. Walt Disney Studios have a lot of exciting attractions and would be amazing if we had more time but it's okay, we'll save it for the next time! Something to consider before you buy tickets for Disneyland Paris. :)

Sleeping Beauty's Castle ♥ the entrance to Fantasyland and my Ootd shot with the castle as background. :) 

Really loving my baby pink short coat from HM. Super girly and pretty! The high neck saves me from the hassle of lugging around with me a scarf. Gorgeous sling bag is from River Island. Also if you've been following long enough you won't be weirded out by me eating ice cream in winter lol.

A picture with Mickey at his house. :D Many people left half way and some left right after seeing the queue but we persevered. Finally got a picture with the little critter after around an hour of queuing. #soworthit

Alice's Curious Labyrinth. :D From the entrance to the exit you'll have to go through a hedge maze which was really fun! You'd think it's easy but it's actually not haha. Suppose this is the simplest maze made for children, I don't think I'd be able to escape if it's any harder than this. :/

Short video in the maze taken by Tim. :) You can hear music playing the whole time and it feels really nice! Really felt as though you were lost in wonderland. At one point we laughed after realizing we were actually going in circles and returned to the same spot. Apologies for the below-par quality because I transferred it from his phone to mine through Whatsapp.

The Cheshire Cat with it's crazy eyes. So creepy. Am never fond of it!
The Queen's Castle
View from the top of the castle
View of the maze from the castle taken by Tim. See the top right corner, the Red Queen
is hiding behind the gates and will pop up to scare passerby by yelling at them LOL

"Painting the roses red, we're painting the roses red."

Love this pic of Tim with the card soldiers. :D Really enjoyed this area themed after Alice in Wonderland but would love it more if they included the singing flowers which is my favourite part of the movie. Really really love the song The Golden Afternoon. "You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, for especially in the month of June~"

Sailed around the world in the happiest cruise "It's a Small World", featuring dolls dressed up in all kinds of traditional costumes, singing and dancing, celebrating festivals from all around the world. :)

Short video credits to Tim taken during the adorable cruise. :)

He was actually holding the selfie stick up without recording for a long while during the cruise (see second picture) and I thought he was having his camera on standby mode for pictures. Poor thing thought he was recording the whole time but turned out he didn't press the record button LOL. When we both found out, I couldn't control myself and was laughing non stop while the hurt expression he gave was too adorable!!

Was caught taking a selfie towards the end of the video above and this was it haha.

Highlight of Discoveryland was Space Mountain Mission 2. Can tell from the picture how much we both were enjoying the ride wheeee. :)

Visited Adventureland and Frontierland after that. :)

Captain Hook's Ship, and Skull Rock where Peter Pan hid Captain Hook's treasure. Love Peter Pan!

Picture taken during the Pirates of the Caribbean adventure cruise. Haha look at Tim's face. Really enjoyed the Indiana Jones roller coaster ride too!

At the Phantom Manor. Tried to act creepy but Tim called it cute. :/

The Phantom Manor was a memorable attraction. It's quite scary for me before entering and I held on to Tim tightly the whole time thinking it's a haunted house and there would be jump scares. The spooky ambiance was really on point! Was thinking to myself, why would any child want to visit this!? Turned out there were ghosts and stuff but it was not as scary heh.

Then came 4.45pm which was time for the parade! :D But I will continue in the next post cuz it's getting late and the post is getting too long. Haha the suspense right. Stay tuned! :)

With all the love,