Friday, January 16, 2015

Keryn & Tim Travels: London, England- Burger & Lobster, Big Ben

To start my post today here's a picture taken in the streets of London which I really love. :) Just touched down in Leeds yesterday! Have been very very fortunate to have went on a trip around a few Europe countries for the past week. I'm really thankful for the opportunity to be travelling to so many beautiful places this past week and I look forward to be doing even more travelling in this coming year.


Other than all the beautiful places I visited, the highlight of my trip is this handsome man! Tim is here to visit me during my winter break and I'm so happy. Departed from Leeds at 5.45 am that morning and traveled down to London to meet up with him landing at Heathrow Airport at 11.30 am that day. Paddington Station was where we reunited. :')

Four months apart, I think we deal with long distance really well and we spend abundant time keeping in touch but nothing compares to being able to physically be with the one you love! Been waiting so long for this day to come. Thank you love for flying all the way just to spend time with me and a big thank you to Tim's parents for funding his trip here! Really blessed.

After leaving our bags at the hotel we went out for a leisure stroll around the city. :) Brought Tim to Trafalgar Square which is a must visit for all tourists. Picture above shows one of the grand hallways in the National Gallery. Didn't visit it during my last trip to London but I'm glad I did this time!

No trip to London is complete without a visit to Burger n Lobster! Brought Tim there for lunch and he really enjoyed it. :D And a second for me! Still think it's really worth the £20 splurge. After the hearty meal we kept getting tempted to go back for more and it kept popping up in our conversations ie. "走咯去吃lobster!" at the most random moments haha.

For my food shot, Tim made me do a gasp face which I'm obviously really bad at hence the awkward expression.

Burger n Lobster
36-38 Dean St
London W1D 4PS
Tel No: 020 7432 4800

Then we walked around Soho, visited London Eye and Big Ben before heading back to our hotel and calling it a day. :) P.s. really need to get a better camera. iPhone 5 camera super grainy in the dark and not doing the scenery shots any justice!

This is what I call happiness. :) Till the next time!

With all the love,

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