Sunday, January 18, 2015

Keryn & Tim Travels: London, England- British Museum + King's Cross Station

Today I'm gonna blog about Tim and I's second day in London. Intro picture is my current Facebook profile picture, taken outside the Museum of London overlooking the streets. :)

We started off our day with a short walk at Hyde Park after a classic English breakfast at the hotel. Outfit is more casual today with my beige Zara coat over a simple cream sweater, black pants and black booties assemble, while Tim looking good in his army green Topman coat that I got for him. :)

Then we went to Museum of London- a museum that houses exhibits through out the years and showcases the development of the great city. Learnt that there was a 4 -day fire  that burnt down almost the whole of London back in 1666 called The Great Fire. It was a really interesting and informative visit! Sadly photos were not allowed inside.

Then we visited the British Museum. :)) The entrance of which is styled after the ancient Greek temples.

A picture taken at the grand foyer of the museum called The Great Court with its iconic white walls and staircases.

If you couldn't tell, these shots and the shots at the entrance of the museum were taken using a selfie stick. :D Uses of which had attracted a lot of attention from other visitors LOL. Selfie sticks are new to the western world and people are still bemused by it but I've been seeing advertisements around haha and I'm sure soon it will be as popular as in the Asian countries.

Can't deny the fact that selfie stick is such a smart creation though! Because of it, now instead of just faces in a selfie, the scenery and background can be included as well. Asked Tim to get a selfie stick from Malaysia for this trip and he did YAY! Plus it has bluetooth function so phone timers are not needed which is super convenient. :)

British Museum has displays from all over the world and according to Wiki is dedicated to human history and culture. Favourite parts of the museum for me was the Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. :)

Last stop for the day was King's Cross station where we went specifically so I could take picture with the trolley at Platform 9 3/4. :D In case you're not a fan, it is referenced to Harry Potter and this is the station where Harry, Ron and everyone boarded the train to Hogwarts. So happy to be here! I'm going to Hogwarts LIKE FINALLY. :')

Next aim for me is to visit the Warner Bros Studios Tour- The Making of Harry Potter in London. :D A distant aim and ultimate fantasy for me would be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort Florida US, with a comparably more achievable alternative that is the newly opened Wizarding World at Universal Studios Japan.

Tim is a traitor for choosing Slytherin over Gryffindor!! While the Harry Potter Shop offered merchandise like wands, scarves, sweaters and all that cool stuff.

Had Fish n Chips at Victoria Station before taking off for Paris on an overnight bus ride. :) And that was our short but lovely 2 days 1 night in London. I'm sure my love affair with London will continue soon. Next stop- Paris!

With all the love,

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