Sunday, January 4, 2015

MASSOC Christmas Party

Picture of me taken by friend Andrew at the Massoc Christmas party last December. :) Behold, my resting b- face lol. No wonder I've had people tell me I give off the vibe of being unapproachable when in fact my personality is the total opposite. *blowing my own horn* Initially I didn't want to blog about it because I lack pictures due to bad lighting. But since I really had a wonderful time that evening, I decided to go ahead with the post anyway. :)

The Christmas Dinner was held at The Hourglass Leeds. The pub team did a great job in setting up the place for us and we had the whole upstairs area and a bar to ourselves. (Picture credits topbottomThe tables were decorated with candles, shredded ribbons and Christmas crackers. The ambiance of the place was really nice and lights were dimmed when food was about to be served. :)

The Hourglass
157-158 Lower Briggate,
Leeds LS1 6BG
0113 244 2275

Friends were posing in the picture but I'm sure you couldn't tell until I mentioned it now right? LOL.

The only decent photo with another human being that evening lol. Kelvin, my Taylor's Law School senior by a batch and we got closer because he's doing third year here as well.

Note how he had to hold a cellphone flash light above our heads for a selfie. Imagine a scene where everyone was doing it the whole evening because everyone wanted lighting but stubbornly refused using flash LOL.

Choices of starters were Prawn Cocktail, Garlic Breaded Mushrooms and Tomato and Jersey Cream Soup. Had the Prawn Cocktail during my last Christmas Party so this time round I went for the mushrooms. Yum! 

Mains were among the choice between Roasted Turkey or Roasted Beef. Went for the Roasted Beef only because Yorkshire Pudding was not served with Roasted turkey. Your girl needs her Yorkshire Puddings.

Had the Christmas Pudding for my dessert as I've never tried it before. :) The taste and texture is similar that of a fruit cake but is served warm with custard on top. The 3 course meal at Hourglass was £11 each. :)

Don't really fancy fruit cakes but I'm glad I gave it a go because it's a Christmas classic here in the UK. The other choices were Black Forest Brownie Cheesecake, presentation of which was really nice, and the classic Chocolate Fudge Cake.

A selfie to end the short post. :) Sweater dress with mesh stripped panel from Mango matched with chunky gold and silver necklace. Love this dress and since it's knitted it's not too chilly to be worn on its own on a cold Autumn/Winter night under a coat. Bought this dress supposedly for Mom to wear last CNY 2014 but decided to keep it for myself because I fell in love with it LOL. Makeup was a simple brown smokey eye with my neutral Clinique lipstick in the shade All Heart. :)

The night ended in the wee hours with a drinking session at a friend's house after dinner. The introvert in me initially wanted to push this event off but I'm glad the extrovert in me won in making the decision. Didn't regret going because I had so much fun and have met so many new friends from the Malaysian Society that night:) Tata!

With all the love,

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