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New Year Resolution 2015 + 2014 Review

Happy New Year 2015 everybody!!! In a blink of an eye it's already 2015! Where did 2014 go? Time literally flew by so fast. 2014 was amazing btw! And intro pic basically wraps up my 2014 - smiles and sunshine.

Spent my New Years count down with friends from Malaysian Society. Pre-drinks at the house before clubbing session at Control Leeds. After that was an impromptu jamming session back at the house which was really fun. It was a great night! I drank responsibly. ;) How did you spend yours?

Felt like my 2013 New Year Resolution review was only written yesterday! Anyways I'm here to review the New Year Resolution I've set for myself at the beginning of the year 2014 and also to have myself a new set of goals for my 2015. I am trying to make this a tradition on my blog. :) LET'S GO! 

1. Work hard in law school and successfully get into my desired university in the UK. 

Yeap I've gotten into my final year of law school at University of Leeds via credit transfer. :) Leeds University's law school has a good reputation and the learning environment is really good. The libraries and campus as a whole is great and I'm so glad to be here. Wouldn't have had the opportunity if it weren't for my Daddy Mommy. Your princess is really really thankful! The experience of life abroad has been so amazing!

Last year one of my resolution 2013 is to travel to a new country. This didn't make it onto my 2014 NY Resolution list because if I get into my desired uni in the UK it means a direct opportunity to visit a new country. :) And this is not on my 2015 resolution list either, because in January I will be visiting countries I've never been before, one of which is among my dreamed destinations since young. ♥ I acknowledge the fact that I am truly blessed. :)

2. Attend all lectures and tutorials (even if I do not like the lecturer)

I really appreciate the opportunity to pursue further studies and I'm thankful to be here in the UK. Priorities will be my studies as this is the last semester of my degree life and coming exam will determine the rank of my achievement. But no tick because 100% attendance is basically not achievable for me in my opinion.

3. Keep improving myself in dancing and join more competitions. 

So thankful for The Origins and the days and nights we spent working hard for our Step Up Dance Competition! And getting into Freestyle Leeds' Competition Team is another achievement in my dance life I guess. But to shine in the team is another story and I will strive at it next year! Don't think I will ever stop dancing and improving myself. :) 

Have to work on professionalism as a dancer, which includes treating every performance like your all and give everything you've got, which is my weakness. Also, if I don't like a piece of choreography I will be very reluctant to put my heart into it lol and vice versa, if I like a piece I will then give my all. But as a performer, you should love each performance you do and do your best at it. Criticism to myself for better improvement in the new year!

4. Maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

At least I try to(?).

5. Become a patient and well-tempered person. 

Not that I became a patient and well-tempered person per se. But I can say with confidence that the number of times I throw fits are getting less and less now. :) The sayings 'Don't worry about the things that you can't change', 'See the positives in every situation' and 'Everything happens for a reason' really help me to be a more positive person. And becoming more positive directly decreases the chances of one losing his/her temper. :) Tim, who is an innate positive person, has also a great influence on me! The things that use to tick me off easily don't seem so important anymore. I like the improvement that I see in myself and I will continue to better myself in this area of my life :)

6. Expand my blog and to involve in more blogger events. x

7. Achieve my ideal body. *bikini maybe?* x

8. Explore my new found love for makeup and improve my makeup skills. 

P/S On a day where I went a little too crazy with the eyeliner

LOVE for makeup growing deeper and deeper now and will continue with it! It became my hobby to learn how to make different makeup looks. And to learn about makeup brands, their products and the use of makeup brushes! Make up may not be seen as important to many people but I really enjoy it and I want to be good at it.

But not to the point where I would consider making it my future career la. Still I find it really important to know how to makeup! This is about self-image and respect for the occasion. Appearance is not the most important aspect in a person but its definitely important.

Not so much on the topic of improving on my makeup skills though, one improvement that I recognize is the fact that I am now comfortable with wearing bright lipsticks. :) 

9. Learn to play the piano properly. 

Been wanting to learn the piano and I've blamed my parents for not letting me learn when I was young. Sorry Mum and Dad! Got myself a second hand keyboard from eBay and taking baby steps to learn it. :) Progress is slow but it's okay as long as you are better today than yesterday. As a dancer and a person who takes pride in my ability to count beats, I find difficulty coordinating both hands to play at the same time.... But if any consolation my right hand is doing great! LOL. The hardest and fastest song I can play with one hand so far is the a short verse of Can Can. :D

10. Learn a new language. 

Making baby steps to learn the Korean language! 

11. To make new friends and not to be afraid to start conversations with new people. 

I do make new friends and talk to people. :) But as much as I like to socialize I prefer to coop myself in my room and watch Kangxilaile LOL. So many social events pushed away just so I can laze in my own room doing nothing. Something I can aim to work on in 2015!

12. Overcome a bad habit that I've been wanting to.

Nope I still do this bad habit. :C Another bad habit that I've been wanting to get rid of is swearing. The girl I want to be is a girl that does not swear. I swear a lot but not as much lately because people I have around me here do not use swear words. :) I tend to swear more when the people around me use swear words often. Lately I only swear when I get overly excited while talking to Tim thru FaceTime LOL.

Now for a list of my NY Resolutions for 2015.

  1. Make law school my priority and graduate with high achievements.
  2. Take time to explore options and figure out what I want to do after graduation. 
  3. Enjoy the rest of my year in the UK to the fullest and have no regrets when I go back to Malaysia.
  4. Continue to wholeheartedly appreciate my relationship with Tim.
  5. Ability to play the piano fluently by sheet reading.
  6. Improve quality of skin and hair to my own satisfactory standards.
  7. Work towards the ideal body that can wear clothes of my size comfortably.
  8. In pursuit of material things, to keep priorities straight and never lose sight of what is truly important.
  9. First designer handbag bought with my own money.
  10. Make quality friendships that will continue even when leaving this country. 
  11. Reestablish connection with friends from back home whom I appreciate but have stopped contacting.
  12. Continue to be positive and thankful in my every day life.

Here's to another year of moving forward together and improving ourselves! Thank you for reading! ♥♥♥♥♥

With all the love,

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