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Amsterdam Part II: Anne Frank Huis, Red Light Secrets, Restaurant Sumo

Day 2 in Amsterdam! Today we did more touristy activities and visited 3 attraction sites located around the city. :) Amsterdam is known for its many famous museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. But as a young couple visiting Amsterdam, taking into account the fact that Tim doesn't really fancy museums, we did not visit the conventional museums. Instead, we visited the Anne Frank Museum, Madame Tussaud and also the Museum of Prostitution.

We started off the day with English breakfast at the hotel. :) English breakfasts offered at European hotels do not offer as many variety as the breakfast buffets offered at hotels back home, which needed some getting used to, but I don't really mind it because I really enjoy breakfasts with just buttered toasts, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs and croissants.

Picture was taken beside the trams track while waiting for the tram. :) In my opinion, trams here are the most accessible public transportation within the city because trams stations are everywhere and it served as our main transportation for the day. Got a day pass for around €7 each (forgot the exact price) and with it we got to explore to many parts of the city.

Our first stop was Anne Frank House. :) The story behind the building was really amazing and I'm glad we chose to visit this historical site. Entrance fee was €9 each. Btw, this is the also the attraction site where Hazel and Gus from the movie The Fault in Our Stars visited when they went to Amsterdam- which I didn't know until Tim told me.

When we first came, we kept knocking on the black door with the sign 'Anne Frank Huis' on it, only to find that it was locked. We were so disappointed because we thought it was closed for the day. Only when we were about to leave, we realized towards the right of the two actual buildings of the House was the main entrance and people were actually queuing there to enter. LOL super silly.

Will give a short summary of the story, apologies if there is any mistake. Okay so. During the Nazi's invasion, the Jews were targeted and so Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in 1940. They hid in the attic space, entrance of which is concealed by a movable bookshelf. During the two years of their hiding, they cannot turn on the lights or make any sound. Help from the outside ie food supplies was provided by non-jews family friends.

After two years into hiding, the Nazis were tipped by someone anonymous and the hiding place was exposed. They were caught and deported to concentration camps to be executed. Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, survived the war but the other's were all killed. Otto Frank knew that Anne Frank kept diaries writing about the period when the family was in hiding and knew that she wanted them published. Otto Frank then published the diary to tell Anne Frank's story, which later became a best seller and was translated into almost 70 languages while the house they hid in, made into a tourist attraction. :')

Some pictures taken outside the museum with the selfie stick. :)

And I love this picture taken for Tim, which he is using as his Fb profile picture. :)

We then went to Dam Square, where the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum is located. :) Will post pictures taken at Madame Tussaud in my next post because I don't want this post to be too long.

Had a quick stop at Koee, a waffle and frozen yogurt's shop where we had their Nutella Waffle topped with powdered sugar. :) I never pass up a chance to try new froyo but sadly, it was too cold that day for me to bare.

We then visited the Red Light District, which is also a main tourist attraction of the city. While there, we made a visit to Red Light Secrets- the Museum of Prostitution. Learnt a little more about the local prostitution industry and the lives of a prostitute. Entrance fee was €7 each after using the €3 discount cards from our hotel.

Since prostitution is legalized in Netherlands, one of the distinct features of Amsterdam is the scene of prostitutes openly standing behind glass windows in lingerie attracting customers. Growing up in a conservative country where prostitution is illegal and considered a social stigma, it was quite the eye-opener to be able to learn something about the local culture.

 Our dinner that evening was yet again, Japanese food LOL. It was an ala carte buffet restaurant called Restaurant Sumo. :) I'm glad Tim share the love for Japanese food as much as I do and I miss going to Japanese buffets with him so yay to another Japanese buffet experience!

The system ran by this restaurant is worth a mention- whereby instead of ordering unlimited dishes of whatever you want, you can only order from the menu 5 dishes each person per round. After you finished the dishes, you can then go on and order your second. And it repeats until you are done. This is to ensure you manage to finish your food before ordering more and to avoid food wastage. So for Tim and I, we get to order 10 dishes per round. We had a total of 4 rounds before Tim called quits. I finished the fifth almost all on my own eating some of my favourite dishes LOL. It was a lovely dinner. :)

Some of the food that we enjoyed that evening. :) The teriyaki salmon and beef were amazing. There is also a duck dish which is rarely found in Malaysian Japanese buffets. And the bone-in-leg lamb chops were so good we ordered two rounds of those! Tummy was really happy that night. Perfect end to our day 2 in Amsterdam.

Restaurant Sumo All You Can Eat
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 4,
1012 RZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel. No.: +31 202611861

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