Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keryn & Tim Travels: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The last leg of my Europe trip with Tim is Amsterdam. :) Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands and it's so beautiful. I really like this pic too, taken on one of the shopping streets while exploring the city.

XXX as you can see in the background of the picture, is something you'll see everywhere when you are in Amsterdam- It is the symbol of Saint Andrew's crosses found on the flag of Amsterdam and also on the shield of the coats of arms of Amsterdam.


Our day began early in the morning when we traveled to Amsterdam Central Station from Paris Nord Station by train. It was a 3-hour train ride and we reached the city at 1130 that morning. :)

First thing we did upon arriving is to check in to our hotel. We stayed at West Cord City Centre Hotel and it's about 5 minutes walking distance from the central station. :) Really recommend this hotel if you are visiting!

The lady at the counter was really nice. The check-in time was at 2.30 pm but upon arrival, we're told our room was ready so we got to our room at around 12. Our room was really nice and it exceeded my expectations by a mile. It's quite small but really cozy and I quite like the concept of having the bed be aligned to the wall facing the tv. And I especially love the open-concept bathroom and the really classy molded-glass sink. :)

After settling down, we're then off to explore the city! Famous for having beautiful canals running through out the city Amsterdam is also known as Venice of the North. Scenery like this can be seen anywhere around the city. ♥

Love the buildings architecture where the houses are all flat and aligned with no protruding windows but of different colors, height and design. Here, it's also a cheese lovers paradise because you can find counters of cheese in the supermarkets and independent cheese shops.

This shop caught our eye and the display especially, caught Tim's attention. They sell hams by the whole or freshly sliced whichever to your liking. We tried their ham croissant for €5.

Amsterdam Centraal- made our trip so much easier and so so convenient. You can take the trains, bus and trams from here and there are trains to and from the Schiphol Airport at 15 minutes intervals. :)

Walk east from Amsterdam Centraal and you will reach the Openbare Bibliotheek public library. (Picture credits)

Btw the 2-metre tall 'I Amsterdam' sign is a tourist picture must but I forgot about it until now! LOL. And from research there are 3 signs around the city, one of which would playfully change locations so when we visited it was not in front of the library anymore. If you want a picture with the iconic sign do find out its whereabouts when you visit!

The library is also known for its self-service styled cafe situated on the 7th floor of the building where you can overlook the city when you dine. :) (Picture credits) Had soup and roll with banana yogurt smoothie while Tim had tomato and chese pizza. Too bad it was winter when we visited so the outdoor area was closed off but nonetheless it was a lovely dinner at the cafe. Thank you Tim for finding this place for us to visit!

Just some pictures to show how windy it was when we visited. Couldn't help but laughed at the bikes' miseries. I also laughed at our misery because it was near zero weather with such strong winds haha. Imagine it. First time experiencing difficulties in walking due to the wind.

After dinner we did a little more exploring, grabbed some snacks and ciders back to the hotel and called it a day. :)

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