Friday, February 13, 2015

Amsterdam: Madame Tussauds

Today I will post the pictures Tim and I took during our visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and then I will shortly wrap up our Day 3 in Amsterdam before flying back to UK. Good things always have to come to an end. This post is also the last part of my Europe trip with Tim. :)

My top is from HM btw. Rather than the conventional plaid shirt, the grid print on this shirt is a refreshing twist to the plaid design and is very on trend this year. Fell in love at once when I saw the shirt in store and knew right away I had to get it. I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt. Also, gingham print is back on trend! Keep a look out for that. :D

The wax museum is located at Dam Square and it's a very huge and prominent building so I'm sure you'll be able to find it with no trouble. :) The entrance fee was around €20 each. It's quite pricey but it is worth the visit because the detailed work that went into making of the wax figures are impeccable and I had a lot of fun in the museum!

One thing to note is that there are Madame Tussaud museums all around the world, so do visit the ones in countries where you are more familiar with so you will get to see more familiar faces in the museum. Madame Tussauds London was our first choice but we didn't have enough time so we visited the one in Amsterdam instead. The one here houses a lot of international stars as well, but there are a lot of local artists and/or influential famous people we do not know of. So yeah, something to think about when you are deciding on which one to visit. :) Second picture is the view of Dam Square from the circle window about the Madame Tussaud sign.

Current Facebook profile picture. KUEEN.
Queen Elizabeth is right beside me but cropped her off haha
The super pretty and classy late Princess Diana.

"I just wanna feel real love~"

Tim said this one with ET is very pretty. I really like it too! :)

My best rendition of Marilyn Monroe LOL

Tim with three supermodels: Doutzen, Keryn and Elle Macpherson. LOL close enough okay

If the wax figures are life-sized, Adele should not be called big at all!!
She's thinner than me by comparison and has a really small face.
If you like it then put a ring on it!!
Madame Tussaud, the person who started it all. :)
With Bob Marley.
Didn't know he is Messi until being told lol. Not a football fan.
It's amazing how it really looked like the figures are staring right into the camera
Was just being silly but I love how this picture turned out ahhahaha
I laugh every time I see this too hahahaha

With Spiderman!!

Most of the pictures we took there. Didn't post all else it'd be too many! Really enjoyed the visit. :D

Day 3 started with breakfast at a local coffee house. :) Had salmon and cheese sandwich (again) and latte while as usual, Tim forgot what his order was lol.

Then lunch was at this sandwich shop because the display successfully attracted our attention. Tried the traditional local pastry Gul Boregi with cheese. The texture is like pasta and it's really good!! A must try. :D

Tired face and messy hair with no effort in looking good for the last day haha. Went to Schiphol Airport at around 5pm, had Burger King and flew back to Leeds Bradford Airport via at 715 that evening.

The week-long trip was amazing. Travelling is a privilege and I cannot be thankful enough. :D So thankful also that Tim and I had the luxury of time and expense to go on this trip together. Travelling fund that I saved are spent on this trip so it's time to start saving up again!  More travel adventures to come! Hope you enjoyed reading about my Europe trip as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

With all the love,


Jonsey said...

Really loved your post on Amsterdam. The pictures are so beautiful!

Jonsey said...

Missed my chance to visit Amsterdam when I was in London during Xmas. Pressed for time. Really regret it :(

kxin keryn pue said...

@Jonsey That's too bad but I'm sure you'll get the chance to visit again. Glad you enjoyed reading! :)