Friday, March 27, 2015

Keryn's Travelogue: Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Will be writing about my trip to Blackpool with my friends last Sunday. Perfect intro picture because it indicated both the location and the date. :) Super sunny day that day! We are so lucky because both our trips to amusements parks were blessed with good weather.

Side note. Last weekend was super fun with Mnight kicking start the Easter break on Saturday followed by an after party which we stayed on until 6am. With zero sleep, friends and I then travelled to Blackpool on the following Sunday. #youngwildfree


Blackpool on the UK map. :) It was a 3-hour bus ride away from Leeds. Looks like it would be nearer to travel straight to Blackpool from Leeds? But en route we stopped at Manchester for a transfer. P/s missing Manchester so much.

A few pictures that I manage to capture of the beautiful laid back sea-side town, before being lugged away to the amusement park. Would love to come back again to explore the town a little more!

Love this picture with Tyy Pey. :)  Behind us was our first ride of the day as a warm up before the scarier rides.

At Blackpool there is an Alice in Wonderland themed ride too! It's supposedly a family ride but still super creepy to me. I've mentioned me not loving Alice in Wonderland in my Disneyland post. You can pass off the depressing story to children using the pretty colours and cute singing characters but the darkness behind it all still bothers me lol. Anyone relate?

Doughnuts are super popular here! Bought 5 for £2.8 and I had 3 all to myself. :) It's so good and has a different texture compared to normal doughnuts you get in bakeries. Crispy on the outside chewy on the inside.  Even at closing time people were still queueing for them.

Took pictures with this particular wall because the windows were pretty. Love the bottom pic especially, because we all looked really cool. Proud to have pretty friends. :D

How do I look in my bright yellow sports car? ;) We queued up for half an hour for this thinking it's gonna be some boring kid's ride but it was actually really fun! Got to handle the gas pedal and the steering wheel and drive around the track with full control hence worthy of so many pictures! Imagining myself as a kid who's never drove a car before I would enjoy this even more lol.

After the thriller ride Infusion we sat down and grabbed a bite to eat. :) Had the cup of mussels for £2.

A wefie before the Big Dipper took off and picture taken while standing in queue for the Avalanche.

Picture of me taking a selfie with my ice cream cone topped with toffee syrup (£1.75). :)

Group picture overlooking the glorious tracks of the Big Dipper, Infusion and The Big One. :) The park closed at 5pm that day and there were still a ton of rides we didn't get to go on. There is also the Nickelodeon Land that we didn't manage to explore. So a second trip here is a must! Haha.

This time round I remembered to keep style in mind while going after a casual and comfy outfit. Loving the bucket bag trend and rocking it with this gorgeous but super inexpensive one from Primark. Jeans with ripped detail from Zara. :)

We were like a bunch of zombies by the time we leave Pleasure Beach lol. Had our early dinner at The Dutton Arms and I crashed on the table for a nap right after. Had their Gammon Steak before I passed out, remembering it being a tad too salty lol. After that, we travelled back to Leeds by bus and then by train from Preston Station.

Back in Leeds, despite the tiredness we still manage to gather at a friend's house for supper and a few rounds of card games, only calling it a night at 3am. Again #youngwildfree haha. Till the next adventure!

With all the love,

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