Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 in UK

CNY 2015 is my first (and hopefully, only) CNY away from home. D: Even when I was studying in KL I would always have holidays to head home and celebrate. Reunion dinners with family and Vanilla, fire crackers and fireworks on cny eve, take loads and loads of pretty pictures with my pretty sister and cousins and to reunite with friends that wouldn't likely meet if not for the festive seasons and gamble the days away. (Never spent cny with Tim so he's not included here lol) Cried when I was cam calling my family while they where having reunion dinner that I had to hang up to avoid making them sad too, and almost burst into tears when cam calling with relatives at a usual family gathering. TT

Although I'm missing out the celebrations back in Kuching, I'm thankful to have a bunch of amazing people to celebrate with and events to go to and curb the away from home loneliness while here. :)

First up, the law school organised a CNY lunch for us students away from home. :) The food were prepared by the law school and it was free of charge which was really nice of them! To name the few dishes that I remember, there were fried rice, fried noodles, duck spring rolls, dumplings and chicken wings. To my delight, they also had prawn crackers, of which I had a lot a lot. To make up for the ones I would be eating non-stop if I'm back home lol. While although the lunch was meant for us students away from home, a lot of locals came for the free food no judging though lol sharing is caring.

On the eve of cny, I went to a Chinese restaurant called Maxi's Leeds with my law school bunch and we had our reunion dinner there. :) The restaurant was packed with Chinese families and friends and it's so rare here to see so many Asians in one place haha. Had loads of awesome well-missed Chinese delicacies like prawn, beef, roast pork belly, tofu etc. The night ended with ice cream and toast as dessert plus games with Koppabergs and beers at a friend's place.

First day of CNY was celebrated with steamboat. And we had roti canai and green bean soup with glutinous balls for dessert. :D It's a tradition to wear red and new clothes on the first day of CNY, and friends were all dolled up prettily. I didn't though lol, which was also a first. Instead, I dressed sloppily in a t-shirt and sweats because I had a dance practice session that evening. Laughed the night away with games such as charades which came to a sudden halt as we received a threatening hand-written note of complaint from other tenant saying that if we do not leave soon the person will report us LOL.

 On the second day of CNY I went for the Massoc Chinese New Year dinner. :) Tried my very best to incorporate red in my outfit by wearing a maroon romper layered underneath a black sweater. And I wore red lipstick!

Make up of the evening was achieved with the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD in Brixton Brown, Maybelline New York Gel Eyeliner, e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow in Toasted finished off with the NARS Audacious Lipstick in the shade Grace. :)

Bev introduced the Maybelline gel eyeliner and I've been using mine for a long while now and I usually draw my eyeliner with the angled brush I got from Etude House. Been tempted to try new eyeliners but this lasts forever! As for the eye-shadow, I used the super pretty champagne gold shade (1) from the Rimmel palette in the inner corner of the eyes and the gold eyeshadow (2) on the lids then defined the crease with (3) the dark brown shade from the palette. Super pretty eye makeup that's super easy to achieve!

Side note, I really love this palette. Got it at the beginning of fall when burgundy was the it colour and I do not have any burgundy shades in the palettes that I own. What sold me ultimately was the champagne shade which I have been wanting to find for so long. Overall a beautiful palette that I really recommend!

Another night filled with yummy food and great company at the Oriental City Restaurant Leeds. :) We also had Yee sang which I didn't expect we'd get and it was super yummy! Super happy about that. :D

Ending this post with some selfies taken with the Massoc friends at the restaurant before we moved to another friend's place for a super fun house party with a lot of chatting and drinking and crazy games. It was a really fun night!

Compared to the celebration I would've had if I'm home, celebrations this year is considered really short. But I'm satisfied nonetheless. :) Chinese New Year is ending in 2 days time. Back to more law school and dancing! Hope all of you had a great celebration so far!

With all the love,

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