Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dance Competitions w/ Leeds Freestyle

It's now Easter break! Classes do not resume until end of April but time flies and exams are coming in May omg. So far March has been a very productive month for me having so much going on. Finally I've the chance to sit down and write in my beloved blog. :) Today I'll be jotting down the two dance competitions I've joined with Leeds Freestyle Dance Society over two weekends in March.

Freestyle was the first and only dance society I've set my eyes on joining even before I came to Leeds and I'm really glad to have made the competition team for Hip Hop. On top of the rehearsal hours I had to commit to, I've put so much time, effort, energy (and *money) into these dance competitions. Really proud of myself and the team for our achivements! Initially did not want to blog about this because I've not a lot of pictures but for memory sake I'm gonna make do with what I have.

*£80 was paid for competition fee, transportation and accommodation for the competitions. The announcement of the payment took a few of us by surprise because we only knew about having to pay after weeks into rehearsing for the competition. £80 is not considered a small amount of money. For me it was fine because I had backup savings, but imagining myself in the shoes of someone with financial issues and couldn't manage to chip out £80, all the time and effort I put into the rehearsals would be for nothing. But yea, the committee apologized for not notifying earlier and said to inform earlier in the future so it's all good now!

Sheffield Dance Competition 010315

First time in Sheffield but didn't manage to explore the city because the whole day was spent at the competition site. Loved the competition venue which was so classy and professional-looking. Met my girl from Kueendom representing Leicester Uni in the Advanced Hip Hop category, she's amazing and her team walked away with first place in the category. Kueendom represent! Leeds Freestyle walked away with silver for Intermediate Hip Hop, other than first place for both Contemporary and Modern, and Best Choreography. :)

Loughborough Dance Competition 07-080315


Loughborough Dance Competition was a really big 2-day event and had a whole lot more teams from different universities joining. Tension was high! Hip Hop category was on Sunday but since Contemporary was on Saturday, the whole team travelled there together in the morning of the Saturday. Don't really like the layout because the competition teams' seating area was so far from the stage, separated by the audience's seating area.

That night, all the unis went for a night out a club at Loughborough Student Union's wearing the competition tee. Results for competition day one was announced at the club and there was a dance off on stage between unis it was so much fun. :) Shared a room with Rachel and had a really good night sleep after a long day. Hip hop team didn't manage to get any placing from this competition because there were so many good teams. :( But the Modern Jazz team walked away with first place! So proud so proud.

Love my Freestyle hoodie even though it's too big on me. :) So much love for Cheeks, the choreographer of our competition piece. And love for my team mates as well always trying to include me in everything despite me being the super quiet super awkward sole Asian in the group haha.

With all the love,

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