Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow day

Spring is right around the corner but it's still freezing here in the UK especially Leeds which is relatively north. Recent temperatures in short: 7 degree Celsius but feels like -9. Can't wait for the warmer months to come! To bid farewell to winter, today I will blog about the snow day I enjoyed back in January. :D

Not feeling very myself lately and not as positive as I hope to be. Every thing in my life is going well, but somehow I just feel so overwhelmed by everything. I am overwhelmed by classes and work, overwhelmed by dance competition and rehearsals. And even though my time is always so occupied with activities, I feel so uninspired and unproductive. At the same time I feel like time is passing so fast and there are so many things I want to do, sometimes I just get upset after self-conflicts of whether or not I will be able to achieve them. I am not sure whether anyone can relate to what I'm saying lol but yea. I just want a throwback to a nice memory when Tim was here with me to cheer myself up hopefully. That was a period of time when I was most happy because I did not have to worry about school or the future or anything and just enjoy the moment with the person I love spending my time with. And hopefully I will snap out of this emo state soon and return to my usual cheerful self!

The view outside my window at around 3am one random night back in January. It was quiet out and so peaceful. The view of the snow was breathtaking. Tim was fast asleep beside me and I noticed heavy snow started to fall outside my window. I ended up standing by the window for not sure how long just staring at the falling snow and admired the scenery I had from my bedroom window. I remember feeling so contented with life thinking to myself, how blessed I am.

While this post is about another day. And it was memorable because: 1) Back in January, snow fell on many occasions but would stop before it could pile up. It was different though, that day. :)  Snow was falling heavily and had no signs of stopping. So I brought Tim to a field around my neighbourhood just to play and take some pictures. On our way to the field, we got an Oreo milkshake to share and built a little snowman on the brick fence of a random house.


2) Once you played in the snow once, very unlikely you would want to play again till maybe next winter lol so yea. Must document this memory! Some pictures to sum up that beautiful snow day we had. :) When I first came to UK my aunt told me snowing gets old and sometimes you would wish it to not snow because the roads would get very wet and dirty and on snowy days you would feel lazy to go out and do anything. I thought back then, nope not gonna happen to me! Even though I still admire the beauty of snow, I eventually thought the same lol.

Other than childishly playing snow ball fights, which was unexpectedly painful lol, we built snow man as well. :) But the task was harder than you think! We made a small snowman and tried to make a bigger one. With a lot of effort, Tim rolled the snow into a gigantic snow ball which surprisingly could withstand my weight! But before we could proceed, it collapsed when I asked Tim to stand on it for a change haha so yea gigantic snowman mission failed.

After not sure how long in the snow, we decided to call it a day and head home because it was getting cold and note how wet my hair was after lol. Memorable day it was. :) Snow has been beautiful and the chilly weather has been appreciated but I'm ready for the warmer weather now so please come fast!

With all the love,

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