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5 Travelling Tips for Couples

Want to blog about my Spain trip but since I have the due dates for both my dissertation and a family law paper around the corner, I don't really have the luxury of time to commit to that. So for the time being I will write a short post on a topic that I've been thinking to write about for quite awhile now. :)

As they always say, travelling can either make or break your relationship. You would want to try your best to make each trip you go on with your special one as beneficial to your relationship as possible. Tim and I have been very privileged to get a lot of chances to travel together. Lucky for us travelling not only helped us learn more about each other, it definitely brought us closer together. So here are my top 5 tips for couples who are going to travel together.

1. Delegate task of planning the trip and be involved

Planning trips can be a tedious process. Especially when you are a young relationship and you do not know what your partner likes. If you are the one planning, include your partner in the process. If you are the passive one, appreciate the effort your partner puts into the planning. Because trust me, planning a trip is not easy! The worst kind of people are those who don't help with the planning, and when they dislike something about the trip, they make a big fuss and complain non-stop. If you want to be a lazy ass (excuse my language lol), the least you can do is be a decent human being and not complain about your partner's efforts. And if your partner did an amazing job and planned an amazing trip, make sure he/she knows that the effort is appreciated. Tim did an amazing job taking care of every single detail for our Taiwan trip and on that, I showered him with loads and loads of compliments haha.

If a partner always take up the task of planning the trips, it can get tiring. Try to take turns in doing the planning. :) Tim was the planner of our Taiwan trip- everything from accommodation to transportation and asked me whether or not I would like for any places to be included in the itinerary. For our Europe trip I was the one doing the planning, and I did the same.

In front of Taipei 101, Taiwan

2. Make sure your expectations of the trip are on par with one another

This differs couple to couple. Do make sure that you know what you and your partner are looking for during the trip. Communication is key. If one expects the trip to be a relaxed one but the other had the whole day jam packed with activities, there's bound to be conflict. Make sure you know the theme of your trip! If both of you enjoy good food, research on good restaurants to go to during the trip. If both of you are adventurous, plan something exciting. If the point of the trip is shopping, try to get the hotel near good shopping spots so you can easily drop off your buys at the hotel instead of lugging them around the whole day with you.

Our accommodation for two nights in Paris

Expectations on the accommodation should match too! Even though we don't have the money to splurge on 5 star hotels during travelling, Tim and I prefer to live comfortably during our trips so we would rather spend a little more on a better hotel. Plus, Tim is super against shared bathrooms so cheap hostels are no no. But other couples may prefer to live in apartment styled or hostels during trips to save money on accommodation and spend more on activities. It's definitely one to take note of!

3. Plan activities that will interest both parties

Make sure you don't only include activities that you yourself will enjoy cuz the trip then would not be enjoyable for your partner. If both of you enjoy similar activities then good for you! But if you don't (ie. you wanna shop but he wants to visit churches), make sure there is a balance of activities that you both would enjoy. For it just wouldn't be worth the time and money if your partner does not enjoy the activities as you do.

A personal example would be the fact that Tim hates visiting museums but I love them a lot! So I make sure I choose the museums that would attract his interest more. For example, when in London we chose to go to the British Museum instead of the Natural History Museum (which I really really wanted to go to!) because it was more attractive to Tim as it was the filming location for the film Night in the Museum 3. We did not visit art museums in Paris nor famous museums in Amsterdam because we'd rather spend the time and money on activities that both of us would enjoy together.

In front of the British Museum

4. Plan your journey around your budget to make sure you make the most of the trip

This depends on your budget and again this differs from couple to couple. Budget planning is key to avoid the risk of disappointment and unfulfilled expectations. If you want to visit museums or amusement parks, include the entrance fees in your budget to make sure you have enough for those activities. If you are on a shopping trip then make sure you have enough to shop on top of visiting tourist spots and transportation expenses!

And one main element to take note of is expenses on food. Tim and I enjoy good food together and I think that's what we do most during our trips and where most of our travelling money went. We always spend our money on food that at the end of the day we would dread having no money to shop but that's just our thing! Haha.

Burger & Lobster in London

Sushi buffet in Amsterdam

5. It doesn't have to be perfect! Remember the point of the trip is to spend time with one another.

Even with the most perfect planning there would inevitably be sudden situations that would throw you off your plan. It may be the weather, it may be the traffic. There's no end to the bad possibilities that would happen to ruin your so called 'perfect trip'. You'd feel frustrated about the situation or even get angry at your partner and there may be fights. But at the end of the day, remind yourself that you are blessed to be able to come on this trip with your partner to celebrate your relationship and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. That should be the an essential element if not the ultimate aim of your trip.

It doesn't have to be extravagant! As long as it's with the one you love. It doesn't have to be perfect. As long as it's with the one you love. :) Appreciate the little things and the time you get to spend with your partner, and cherish the memories you are making with one another.

Cherating Beach Resort, Kuantan

Above is one of my favourite pictures of Tim to date taken during our travels. It was a weekend trip to a beach resort in Malaysia. There are no words to describe how I feel when I look at the picture. To say I feel blessed, is an understatement.

(6.) Told Tim I'm writing this post and asked him whether or not there are any advice for couples he'd like to contribute. Must have a good boyfriend with good personality, was what he said.

Haha yes yes. He is the patient one in the relationship and he puts up with my short temper during our trips. But he can't take all the credit because I work really hard on my temper too! But he is right, compromise is really important if you want a good trip with your other half. :) You wouldn't necessarily see eye to eye when making every decision but with compromise and communication you can solve all issues.

Musee du Lourve, Paris

And that's the top 5 tips I have for all you out there that are going on trips with your significant other. Hope you find this helpful and hope you'll have an unforgettable journey with your special someone! :) 

With all the love,

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