Monday, April 27, 2015

Food-filled Easter Break

My three week Easter break ended on 20th April and it was all food food and more food! If you are hungry now kindly click away because this post is filled with food I had during. :) 

Intro pic taken during the outing with Sue. Thankful for this or else I wouldn't have anything decent to post as intro pic! LOL #firstworldproblems Giving myself a break and an excuse to blog because I've finally finalised my dissertation paper due tomorrow, all printed and bound ready to be submitted! One more assingment to go and exactly 23 days till final exams omg.

Cakes and coffee session at Hotel Chocolat in city centre. Had their Raspberry and Lemon cake, Banana Bread and Salted Caramel Shortbread. :)

Finally got to catch up with this girl after 2 months of not seeing each other omg. And we only live down the street from each other lol what'sour excuse. Switched to another coffee house called Muffin Break in Trinity Leeds for another round of coffee before we went to eat Nando's for dinner. Didn't take any pictures of Nando's because I believe every one knows how Nando's looks like lol.

Fatty arms aside, I love this picture Sue took for me. :3 

Round 1 steamboat without any special occasion with the law school gang. :) And we had three rounds of dessert through out the night in the middle of game sessions omg haha: Longan drink, red bean soup with glutinous rice balls and roti canai. Regret not taking pictures with my friends and of the desserts!

Friends revolutionised Avalon and created a character called Spylin wtf what kind of name is that LOL. I always took pride in being good at Avalon but they changed the format and so I didn't know how to play anymore = Keryn was clueless and sad during that game LOL. Fun night thou! Enjoyed their company as usual. ♥

In the kitchen of Charles Morris residences with an amazing view, round 2 steamboat was with the Mnight dancer group to celebrate our hard work for the Mnight performance. :) Three pots of yums and loads of food then alcohol and games after dinner. If you haven't read about my Mnight performance click here!

The before and after pictures. Compare the two pictures and identify the lame ones who left half way ahaha. Either they need to sleep or gotten too drunk to continue. LAMOS! When we were playing games in Charles Morris we were too loud and got kicked out by the warden lol so we moved to Henry Price residences instead. The rest of us stayed and talked until 6am the next morning hence the survivors. Travelled home like a zombie that morning.

Before school reopened, I took a 5-day trip down to Derby to visit my relatives. :) First meal there was this Sunday roast that tasted way better than it looked I swear lol.

Then I told my aunt I was craving for Nasi Lemak and she made it for me. Do I have the best aunt in the world or what. :) Ate at the mahjong table again because that's us youngsters' main activity whenever I visit. Cards and 'jiapkut'.

Aunt cooked white curry noodles with steamboat condiments like prawns and seafood tofu and all that good stuff for lunch one day. And Domino's take out for dinner was a treat by Leon. :D Them garlic herb dips tho! Super good.

Leon kept wanting to take me to TGI Fridays so we went to have dinner there the evening before I travelled back to Leeds. The restaurant is located in Intu Derby next to the food court. It was a nice treat from my aunt! :)

Mad love this couple omg. :D

With darling Chloe. :D Made her call me her favourite cousin on her instagram post ahaha #thickskinnedmax. When she was younger people always say she and Bev look alike but I don't see the resemblance anymore. What do you think?

The starters. :D Had the Mozzarella Dippers, the Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strips (left) and the Jack Daniel's Chicken Wings (right). The Chicken strips and the sauce were super good! A must try.

Mozzarella Dippers. :D When we ordered this, I told them how back in Malaysia the cheese can be stretched a mile long LOL see evidence here (flash back to when I first started hanging out with TUDC ♥) But here the longest the cheese could go was Chloe's attempt in the picture above. #MalaysiaTGIFWins

And yes you do Monika, yes you do. :D

And the main courses arrived. :D Jack Daniel's Full Rack Ribs, Sizzling Chicken, Chicken Quesadilla with Cajun-spiced Rice, Chicken Finger BLT Sandwich and Cheeseburger Deluxe. 

Everyone enjoyed the ribs! I don't enjoy chicken breasts but the Sizzling Chicken dish was so good! Note the base was all cheese. O.O Back in Malaysia I always enjoyed my trips to TGI Fridays but unlike Nando's I just never developed a loving for it. Hence when Leon said he wanted to bring me there this time round I was really reluctant at first LOL. Luckily we still went thou because the food was simply amazing!

♥♥♥♥♥ (Aunt always say she doesn't look good in pictures. Don't know what she's talking about LOL I find her super photogenic. Uncle was not here because he had work. :C)

Train back to Leeds on the Sunday was at 11.44am. The whole family brought me out to have breakfast before sending me off. :))

So yea, that wraps up my amazing Easter break with an amazing balance of studying, assignments, socializing and good food. Back to reality now with loads of studying and assignments, zero social life and hello eating alone at home all the time :C lol. Till the next time!

With all the love,

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