Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Photo diary: Leeds Mnight 2015

Calling it a day from unproductive studying and decided to blog. :) I was dressed in a pretty pale blush coloured dress, with black smokey eyes and nude pink lip, ready for a lovely night out.

Andrew was my date that evening. :) He was in a white button down and jeans. We sat opposite of each other, had wine and talked the night away. 

The lights were dim in the restaurant and smooth jazz was playing in the background. It was so romantic. The waiter that served us was really professional too! 

But our nice evening was eventually destroyed by the drama that was happening on the table beside ours. It was loud conflict that escalated into shouting in the classy restaurant. I was appalled by these peoples' behaviour! 

Haha did I fool you. It was a scene from the recent Massoc play Mnight and I was just an extra sitting in the background supposed to act like I'm on a date when the main actors were in front quarrelling about the girl's douche boyfriend lol.

Mnight (Malaysian Night) is a play that Malaysian students in the UK organise to showcase the Malaysian culture to the world. Our Mnight play 2015 was titled No Matter How Far and I participated in the performance as a dancer. :)

Picture taken during one of the rehearsal nights. Even though we do not have lines and do not act, we dancers worked really hard for the production too! :)

There were times when I regretted joining because rehearsal hours were long took up a lot of my time and energy. Practice location is far from home and practice hours often last until 10/11pm. I'd be exhausted by the time I reach home and I was so burnt out that waking up for classes were dreadful even after long hours of rest. Other than classes and practice (and rehearsals for Freestyle competition), I literally had no time for other things in my life. :O But at the end of the day it was all worth it!

Got to meet so many new people from Massoc and got close to quite a few. The dancer group get along really well and I always enjoyed myself in their company. And I got to spend my time doing the thing that I love most that is dance. :)

It was 1am on the 20th March, one day before Mnight. A few of us gathered outside the student union on campus and did some advertising with chalk. We drew and drew until 3am. The giant paper plane replicating the one in the poster looked super good! Mission success. :D

Backstage shots before heading up on stage. :) Love these pictures! Our segment is that Talent Show scene so almost our dances are back to back with singing and other performances slotted in between. We had to change really fast and some times run from one side of the stage to the other during the song it was almost chaotic! But still, we manage to stop and selfie because picture taking is most important right haha.

K-pop performance, because Malaysians are crazy for K-pop. Did 'I am the best- 2NE1' and 'Ringa Linga- Taeyang'. And for Kpop, checkered shirts around the waist are a must! Even for the guys (Cj was super reluctant haha).

Chinese dance, with fan and cloth. :) Really enjoyed this dance! And the flower in our hair.

But I did not enjoy the dress... It is super pretty and every one looked beautiful in them, Down side is the dresses were all same sized and other girls are super petite. Being two sizes up from them I had to wear a dress of the same size with them lol imagine my situation TT. But luckily the dress with its stretchy material didn't rip and I survived the performance YAY.

Malay dance, completed with baju kurung and flower in our hair that matched our outfits respectively. :)

I really like the outfit because I love white and I always feel very graceful and feminine in baju kurungs. :) To be honest in the beginning I hated the dance. I am a street dancer and but opposite of street dance, Malay dance is super slow and soft. The beats to the songs are really not normal too lol so it was hard for me to relay and remember steps. During rehearsals sometimes I couldn't help but doze off during the dance lol. Haha but a good dancer have to adapt to all kinds of dances! In the end I grew fond of this dance and I hope we made the instructor proud with this performance!

Bollywood dance. :) It is a couple piece and I got paired up with Krish because we were both the tallest among the same sexes. It was really upbeat and fun piece to do! Really love the outfit too!

Law school gang that came to show support YAY. The night ended with an after party with the cast and crew and the following morning, we went to Blackpool. :D

For now no videos of the performances or the play are released but I will share them on here when I do get them! :)

With all the love,

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