Friday, May 29, 2015

My Birthday 2015

It's my birthday today!! And since I'm queen today haha I'm taking the day off studying to blog about it. :)) Birthday wishes from all my loved ones really made my day. If only I can document all the sweet messages and videos of birthday songs I've received on here! Just finished replying everyone on Facebook who's wished me. :D Last paper of degree life is on the 2nd! Can't wait for exams to be over.

Flash back to May 3rd when the law school gang made a date on the Saturday to hang out. We planned for tea and dinner and decided to all dress up nicely for the day. The girls even agreed on floral theme for clothes. Our tea session was at Mrs Atha's. Then suddenly...

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you~~" Two cakes were sent to the table by the waiters and I was like?? Turned out it was actually a surprise advanced birthday celebration for May babies Tyy Pey and I! 

Our exams were starting on the 20th of the month and everyone needed to study so they pushed the celebration forward. Super thoughtful! Didn't expect it at all because my birthday was still a long way to go from 3rd. And apparently they've been making mistakes in group chats and conversations and were worried about giving the surprise away but luckily both of us were innately blur we didn't catch any of it ahaha.


Love this series of pictures of us making wishes, cutting cake and opening our presents. :) Tyy Pey was gifted a Swarovki heart shaped pendant on chain and my present was a Pandora charm! *heart shaped eyes*

Then we attacked the cake and sat and talked. As usual, super happy vibes with this bunch. ♥ Law school gang made up of the eight of us became uber close only within these few months time in Leeds. Grew so attached to them and in a blink of an eye final year is coming to an end! Sigh time flies but it's been an amazing year thanks to them!

After dinner we went to Sing k and had Japanese at Sushiwaka for the second time. First time here was when we celebrated Jia Wing's birthday back in April. Udon noodles are growing to become one of my favourite foods!

With Tyy Pey in our florals! Super sweet girl mad thankful to have gotten close with her. :)

Ootd and look at my ombre hair! I really love it so much. :D Doesn't look like much change but do know that I'm not very adventurous with my hair and this took me a lot of courage haha! Have decided to go short eventually because my hair is way too long. Promised myself before that cut I will go crazy with the lengths and experiment without fear of damaging it since it's gonna go anyway! Expect me with blonde ends very very soon maybe la.

Top- HM/ Skirt- Forever 21/ Black ankle booties that I wear all the time from Deichman

Hesitated whether or not to post these and decided to just go with it! Haha at least I looked really happy.

My baby Pandora bracelet with it's newest addition, the super sparkly heart shaped one from the gang. :D  Initially planned to go for a silver theme by only collecting silver charms because I wanted my bracelet to look more sophisticated than cute. Not complaining thou! I was lucky enough to have received 3 pink charms as presents. :) It changed my bracelet's theme into silver and pink which is super pretty if not prettier and I think it suits my personality really well I love it. Mad thankful. ♥

Of course this amazing view would not be possible had Tim not get me my Pandora bracelet for Valentine's Day last year! The clips and 3 lovely charms are from him. ♥ Read about my last Valentine's here.

Fast forward to 28th May. Received another piece of cake from the girls bought from Patisserie Valerie. The gang had European Union law paper in the afternoon and since we had 4 days till Equity and Trust, we went to town and dinner was at Nando's before another hang out session till late. The cake followed me around the whole evening and was found in bad condition by the time I reach home late that night awwww. Shu Woei also got me a bag of titbits from the campus refectory and it such a sweet gesture!

Today. :D Apart from receiving so much love from friends and family, I received a picture of Mum looking like it's her birthday haha. Jokes aside, posting this picture because I Mummy looking super gorgeous here!

Like last year, the family baked me a gorgeous cake, this time overflowing with chocolates, and sent a video to me singing happy birthday. Really thankful of them for doing this. :') 

This to represent the beyond epic video
received from my  Kueendom babes haha
And this to represent the wishes received from the loved
Chillies! Jasy is super gorgeous btw love her.

Spent the actual day at home because apart from being sleep deprived I just wanted to chill at home and have some time for myself. Watched Age of Adaline (which was a beautiful movie) while eating the cake my friends gave me. :)

I really enjoyed my birthday this year. Thank you everyone for making me feel special on my special day. 23rd year on earth will be an amazing one I'm sure of it!

With all the love,

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