Friday, June 12, 2015

Barcelona in a Day: La Sagrada Familia + La Rambla

Time to throwback to Barcelona. :) 

On the third day of Saloufest, since we had the day free a few of us went down to visit the city. Intro pic is OOTD taken in La Sagrada Familia in front of its famous stained glass window, current Facebook profile picture.

On the bus to Barcelona. :) Departed from Salou 9am that morning and reached city centre in an hour and a half's time. The round trip cost €19.99. Lipstick that day was Nars Audacious Lipstick in Michiyo and I received many compliments on it. :D

Before the bus dropped us off at the city centre we stopped by the Barcelona Stadium... to use the toilet LOL. A must visit for fans but again I'm no football fan. Bus stopped here for toilet break because according to the tour guide there are no public toilets around the Barcelona city centre.

One of my favourite takeaway from travelling is seeing classy and beautiful architecture.

 First stop was La Sagrada Familia, the church that has been going through construction since 1882 and to date is yet to be completed. Pictures cannot even minutely represent how majestic the building is in real life. So lucky to be able to visit such an iconic architecture!

Entrance fee was €15 for students (€18 for adults) so make sure you bring your student ID! We had to queue for more than half an hour to buy the entrance ticket to visit the church and because of the crowd, our visiting time was only at 2.45pm. So meanwhile, we went to eat lunch. 

Even though you can get Spanish food in the UK, nothing beats having the cuisine at its place of origin! Had authentic Spanish food in a local restaurant called Jamon y Vino. Pictures with the girls I was with that day. :)

Tapas are must haves of course! They are a Spanish cuisine comprising all sorts of food served in small portions acting as appetizers. From garlic prawns, stuffed peppers to sautéed vegetables, we ordered a wide variety of tapas to share.

Spanish food would not be complete if there is no paella. We had both the chicken paella and the seafood paella. :) After splitting the bill the whole meal was around €15 each. 

Jamon y Vino
Carrer de Sardenva, 310,
08013 Barcelona, Spain
+34 932659146

Then to La Sagrada Familia we went! Again picture cannot compare to the real thing but I do hope the pictures in some ways show the level of detail that went into the making of this building, especially the carvings around the main entrance.

  When you step into the church, the first thing you'd notice is the ceiling. It's far beyond reach and the work is so detailed! The view is so grand and beautiful there are no better words to describe it. Also for some reason the inside of the church is chillier than the outside and even though crowded it gives off a very peaceful ambience.

The stained glass windows all around the church lit its interior beautifully with colours.

The organ made beautiful from the colours reflected from the windows.

A panorama picture attempting to capture the grandness of the church, from ground to ceiling.

The brass door that is one of a main feature of the building too.

At first, I was quite reluctant to visit the church due to the queuing and waiting because I wanted to make the most of my Barcelona trip by visiting more monuments around the city. We only had a few hours in the city and the visit to this church took half the time. It was all worth it though after entering the church imo. :) However the queuing and waiting is something to take note of if you are visiting Barcelona within a limited time span. If you want to avoid wasting time queuing and waiting make sure you buy the tickets in advance!

Strolling around the beautiful city in the amazing weather. :) 

From the internet, found that even though Barcelona is a seaside town, no one wears slippers around the city, which is found true when I visited. Note also that if you love MANGO and Zara, according to Spanish friends it is so much cheaper buying them here instead of in the UK because it's the home of these brands. Hence it was depressing for me knowing so but couldn't go shopping because of the limited time. :C

Made our way to the famous La Rambla boulevard, a shopping district and a tourists attraction site. Had gelato. ♥ Nutella, Chocolate Mint and a fancy-named vanilla that I couldn't remember lol.

Visited the famous La Boqueria market before heading back to the bus stop to take the bus back to Salou at 5.30pm.

Even the alleyways looked so classy and picturesque.

Back on the bus on our way back to Salou. Passed by the Columbus Monument Mirador de Colom, one of the many attractions I didn't get to visit due to time constraints. But I'm walking away from this visit to Barcelona as glass half full rather the opposite. Blessed to be able to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world and can't wait for the chance to come back again!

With all the love,

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