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Spain: Saloufest II

As I mentioned in the first part of the post, Saloufest is a week-long tour for British students in Salou. And Saloufest is called the mother of socials because parties were held every night. It's tradition that there would be a different dress theme for each society each night, and I will be talking the parties and Freestyle's themes in this post. :D

The theme for the first night was Disney characters. Can you guess who I was dressing up as? People kept asking me why didn't I do Mulan LOL. But yea I went as Jasmine from Aladdin. Jasmine's outfit was supposedly blue but I couldn't find anything blue! Went with a mint green crop and maxi skirt instead, matched with gold jewellery and red lips. :)

Tour room mates Holly and Hannah. Dressing up as
Simba from Lion King and Jessie from Toy's Story
Russel from Up
With Rachel as Mulan

Holding Sangria in my hands. :) Sangria is a Spanish beverage and it is basically wine and fruits. It was my go-to alcoholic beverage while in Spain. 

With Maleficent. Seemal's husband made her the horns it's so cool!

Spot Elsa from Frozen, Winnie the Pooh and Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame to name a few. Enjoyed this theme very much! After a pre-drinks session at a Freestyler's hotel room we went to the clubs to party. :)

After the first night what are the odds, since I rarely fall sick, I fell sick on the second day of tour. Figured it's the sudden change in weather, I had fever and headache and was coughing like crazy. I completed lost my voice through out the duration of the vacation LOL I couldn't talk AT ALL. went to bed with a wet cloth on my head each night and choked on my cough through out the night. All during tour!! Such party pooper. Luckily roommates came home around 5am almost every night so they don't get disturbed by my cough too much.

Even if I didn't fall sick, I don't think I would've been able to party for 4 nights in a row. One thing about the English culture is the party scene, which is quite the cultural shock for me. People drink and party almost every night I don't know how they do it! But it's not all local. My Malaysian friend who came on tour too partied 4 nights in a row too how does she do it!

Dancing competition on the second day. Used the same routine as the in past competitions.(read here)

Theme for second night was Countries and every one was placed in pairs. Rachel and I chose Japan and we went as ninjas haha. Roommie dressed up as a French lady with stripes and a France flag on her face. Jay as a panda was so cute! Pre-drinks was by the hotel pool and after the gang went off to party I went back to the room to sleep lol.

Sitting in the lobby to use wifi because there is no wifi in the hotel room. What nonsense!!!!!!! So yea, this seat became mine every single night before heading back to the hotel room to rest. 

Night 3's theme was Retro Disco. Was actually a fun theme but I didn't have anything neon so this was what I came up with. More retro than disco and also I didn't know how to do retro makeup hence the shitty makeup LOL. 

Bruno came to annoy me when I was in "my seat"
Jay in his awesome disco gear. After failing to convince me to go
with them to the party asked him to pose for a picture haha

Felt most sickly during the third night. Initially I made up my mind to go out tonight but in the end I figured I really couldn't. After saying goodbye to the gang when they went out, chilled at the lobby for awhile more and went up to bed. Sad life LOL.

In my seat again! See how tired I look TT. Theme for the last night was Smurfs. People around me know very well that I dislike Smurfs very much hence zero effort was made, as you can see lol. Placed blue eyeshadow all over my face to play along and wore a white tee with competition outfit to be a Smurf convict.

Group pictures looked super awesome I must say! Pre-drinks by the pool again and finally I went out with the gang on the last night.  But I didn't stay long lol walked back to the hotel at 2am, got lost on the way. People here really go all out with the themes which is something I really appreciate. Back in Malaysia all we do when we go out is to look sexy and handsome which is nice la but nothing or fun exciting as such.

And that's the end of tour! Found out that Salou authorities are banning Saloufest next year onwards LOL read here . Hence I'm glad I got to experience Saloufest before it was gone. It was quite the experience if I may say so myself! (Google Salousfest for more craziness) Even though I was sick most of the time it was really worth it, with one of the most memorable was getting to visit Barcelona! Next post will be on my trip to Barcelona. ♥

With all the love,

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