Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spain: Saloufest

Exams. Officially. ENDED! Friends will begin travelling while I get stuck in Leeds because I've no money to plan for more trips atm lol *sad news. To look at the bright side though, I'll have this throwback Spain trip to savour upon! I am finally gonna be blogging about Saloufest that I went for back in April. :) 

So just a short introduction, Saloufest is basically an annual week-long festival that takes place in Salou, Spain for students in sports associations of universities all over UK to kick start summer. I went with Leeds Freestyle Dance, of course. :D Saloufest is known for the crazy parties and I was successfully convinced by Freestyle mates to tag along. Not really a party person but because I've never been to Spain, I jumped at the opportunity to visit a new country! It was of really good timing too because I was getting tired of the cold in Leeds, it was really nice to get some sun during Easter break. :D

In the bus with the Freestylers for a 36 hours of bus ride from Leeds to Spain. Look at all the smiley faces at the beginning of the journey! Even though there were fun moments and we watched some movies during the journey which was awesome, torturing would still be the word I'd use to describe the more-than-24-hours bus ride lol. Especially to the butt!

In between the whole bus journey there was a 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to cross the sea between UK soil and France. :)

Beautiful view outside the ferry even though it was rainy and super windy that morning/evening(?). This ferry was more fancy compared to the one I took first time round, when Tim and I visited Paris. It was also around midnight when we went on the ferry and it was dark out so no pictures were taken then. I did not enjoy that previous journey at all because I just ate prior to boarding and surprisingly I found myself unbearably seasick. :O Luckily it was bearable this time round as I managed to sleep through almost the whole thing.

Bought these during a stop at a motorway service (R&R) while passing through France. Even being in the supermarket brought back memories from our Paris trip and made me emotional. :') Jambon ♥

Arrived at our hotel finally! People waiting to check in gathered by the pool while waiting for rooms to be sorted out and yes, craziness already going on lol.

Breakfast and dinner were hotel buffets through out the tour period btw!

On the second day in Salou, after inter-uni dance competition was held in which we didn't win anything lol, a few of us took a trip down to the beach. :)

From our hotel we access to the small beach and followed the trail to get to the main beach. The scenery around the seaside town is just breathtaking! 

Spent a relaxing afternoon chilling by the beach with them ladies. :) Downs- It was still early Spring so the sea was too cold to bathe in. But ups- the sand in Salou is the softest! The girls enjoyed some tanning while the whole time I had my back face the sun because I don't want to become tanner especially for my face. It was super windy that day and sand was blowing everywhere at times it even got painful. Haha quite the experience.

Freestylers made another trip down to the beach on the fourth day in Salou. :) As can be seen clearly from the pictures, the sky was really clear that day and it was nice and warm!

The beach was packed with people and so much was going on! If not for the skyline I'm sure these pictures could be passed off as taken at Miami beach California. :P (Must go to California in the future! LA Miami San Francisco :D)

Another nice afternoon spent by the sea in beautiful Salou. :))

The hotel bathroom selfie. Loving everything in this picture lol skin looks nice hair looks nice and a shot of my iLoveTour wristband which we had to wear throughout the duration of Saloufest. My blue bikini is from New Look and the swimsuit coverup is a romper from HM. And loving my current phone casing also from HM. More soon! :)

With all the love,

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