Thursday, July 30, 2015

Keryn's Travelogue: London- Buckingham Palace & Vintage Salt Selfridges

Continuing second day in London after visiting the National History Museum. :) It was a chilled day around the city. Brought sis to the Buckingham Palace and also Harrods and Selfridges which are both classic luxury departmental stores in the UK before taking our trip back to Leeds.

From Harrods we got some cupcakes then strolled along Green Park to Buckingham Palace. Love how London is a busy city but instead of being a mere concrete jungle there are many green places around.

Visited Buckingham Palace every time I'm in London but don't think I've ever had any pictures with the place on my blog so there! :) We sat down at the steps of the Victoria Memorial and ate our cupcakes with the Palace as our view. The flavours we each chose for our cupcakes were Chocolate Brownie and Lemon Meringue.

Came to Selfridges especially to visit this rooftop cafe called Vintage salt. And I wanted to come here specifically for the super unique Chocolate Burger that I came across online. :) It was a sunny day in London which is quite rare and the locals may appreciate sun in their faces but not me! Lol my face explained it all. Ordered a portion of fries in case the burger was not enough but we were both quite full from the cupcakes earlier.

Vintage Salt
Roof, Selfidges, 400 Oxford Street,
London W1A 1AB

The Chocolate Burger (£8.50). The buns for the burger was some pastry that's quite crispy throughout. The patty is made up of milk chocolate chunks while the cheese is white chocolate. The tomato slice is made of jelly I think and some leaves to decorate. Fries are churros with a dip of chocolate sauce. Quite nice but if you don't have a sweet tooth this is not for you. Don't think I'll be coming back for this again. It's still worth a try though, for photo-taking sake and for experience, cuz it's not everyday you get to eat chocolate burgers. :)

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