Monday, July 20, 2015

Keryn's Travelogue: London, England with the Sister

In London for the third time to meet Bev who flew over to attend my graduation, after almost a year of not meeting which was the longest I've gone without seeing my family. And sis is here for the first time! So happy to be the one showing her around the beautiful place. :)


After London we also went for more travelling and the following blog posts will be on our them. Just a kind heads up! As much as it annoys it will annoy some of you that pictures will be a combination of DSLR and iPhone pictures of different qualities. Oh and! Will leave the posting of Bev's pictures to her for she will be blogging about this trip as well (though not sure when cuz she's still blogging about Japan she visited 4 months ago lol). Her blog is here. :)

First time visiting the Tower Bridge. :) We took a stroll down Queen's Walk and spent hours there snapping pictures with/of the monument. For some reason many people including myself think that Tower Bridge is called London Bridge when in fact London Bridge is another separate bridge altogether. (London bridge is the one in the first picture) 

Then brought Bev to the usual tourist spots-  Big Ben, the London Eye, Chinatown. Both were craving for ice cream so we went to Haagen Dasz in Soho before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Had a one night stay in London at Ravna Gora, Holland Park. Hotel breakfast was full English breakfast and it was very enjoyable. Our only proper meal for the two days we were in London lol cuz we substituted main meals with dessert. :/

First stop second day London was the National History Museum. Really enjoyed this museum very much especially the large scale animal exhibits and the dinosaur exhibition. 

Learn the layers of the earth by going through the core of the earth via an escalator.

In the elements of from the earth exhibition, we lingered especially at the precious rocks section haha. I personally really like jade a lot because I find it really classy but somehow it is almost always only linked to older woman hence not very popular. So if I am a rich ahma in the future I will wear a lot of jade okay!

Update 7/10/15: Watched on TV today that during Egyptian times when royalty died they were buried wearing jade because it was believed that jade would give them access to heaven for jade was known to be the rock of the sky. ♥

Dinosaur exhibition with the T-Rex that moves and roars.

National History Museum really worth the visit, wouldn't mind going back for a second time. We also went to the Science Museum which was only next to this museum but it was meant for younger kids I think and not half as entertaining.

No matter where I am in the world, my heart is at home. Continue soon!

With all the love,


Jonsey said...

Congrats on your graduation. After all the hard work and stress, the feeling when you finally received your cert is indescribable. I brawled during my convocation years ago. Have been an ardent follower of your blog for a few years now although I don't comment much. Keep it up!

kxin keryn pue said...

Thank you very much! :)