Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Wallet was Stolen in Prague

Ended my 10-day amazing Europe trip with little sis. Now back in Leeds. :) (Using pictures taken in Prague from my Instagram because I haven't gotten around to processing the pictures from the dslr and iPhone) 

Like every trip there was inevitable ups and downs. Prague was so beautiful and it was definitely worth the visit. But no different than other tourists-filled cities, Prague is also prone to crimes targeting tourists. I was a victim of pick pocket and my wallet has been stolen. 

It was 10th July 2015, the first day sis and I landed in Prague. We were having a wonderful time exploring the beautiful city. After a long day we took tram #22 to get back to our hotel. On the tram, sis was sitting on my left and I was standing facing the door. I kept turning to my left to talk sis and on my right, I noticed a lady standing really near to me and kept bumping into me. Maybe it was just the tram moving I thought. Though there was a feeling of unease for I dislike people too up in my spaceI grunted impatiently but thought no further. The plot of Focus (2015) starring Will Smith, a movie about pick pockets, flashed through my mind for a second but I shrugged it off because even though my bag was a tote with a large opening (as shown in picture above), all important items in my bag were secured in a separate zipped compartment. 

The lady continued bumping into me along the journey. The unease feeling lingered but I just carried on talking to Bev. We arrived at our destination tram station Ujezd, the door opened and I stepped out. Only then I decided to just check my bag and dumbfounded to find the zipped compartment in my bag fully undone. Panic stricken, the first thing I did was to fiddle for my wallet. My wallet was gone.

The next immediate thing I did was wanting to get back on the tram but the door closed. I ran to the front of the tram and signalled the driver to stop but he carried on driving. I did not know whether the lady was still in the tram or has she left when I alighted the tram. I panicked and was crying hysterically on the streets. Luckily there was Bev to calm me down and keep me sane. Back at the hotel, we immediately called the bank to cancel my bank card and went to the police station to file an official report. 

My wallet was the Christmas present I got from Tim last year. :( With the wallet, gone were also:
  • £150 cash
  • €120 cash for our next stop Brussels
  • My RM1 money magnet
  • My Malaysian IC and drivers license 
  • My University of Leeds student ID (that I need to graduate with!!)
  • My debit card which thankfully I successfully canceled
  • Tim's note for me from Valentine's Day
  • A picture with sis taken at the photo booth during our China trip many years ago
  • In my picture slot, the picture with TUDC taken when the gang went to The Curve to support Vida's performance
  • My UK Nando's, Boots, Superdrug, Nectar cards and the benefits I haven't gotten the chance to claim (not the most important items but still)

Heartache felt for all that I lost. The cash. I usually do not carry so much cash at one go but when I do... My wallet was very important to me because it held also sentimental values. Sigh.

Despite the unfortunate events I still reminded myself to look at the bright side of things:
  • I'm thankful that my other valuables such as my passport and my phone were fine
  • I'm thankful I did not carry all the money and Bev still had money for us for the rest of the trip
  • I'm thankful all transportation and hotel accommodation for the rest of the trip have been paid in advance
  • I'm thankful that sis and I were not physically harmed or threatened
  • I'm thankful that my card has been successfully cancelled and my credit in it protected

Disclaimer: If you do not believe in the Law of Attraction you may skip the following part for it may sound like utter nonsense to you

The irony is I've never been so exposed to so many pick pocket stories ever in any point of my life. First I just recently watched the movie Focus, which was a story about a pick pocket organization and their operation to rob tourists of millions of dollars by using pick pocketing. The movie was quite nice actually very intense rate it 8/10 although I disliked the ending no spoilers. (Attempted comic relief) Then after discussing with Tim about the movie he sent me a video of everyday people getting pick pocketed in shopping malls. It gave me chills to see how the criminals did it so seamlessly with the victims realizing nothing. Then there was my friend and her friend who lost their wallets just recently during their travels in Italy. And then it happened to me!! Very unconventional but I feel this is one of the many instances of how the law of attraction operates. But with all this and still I did not take extra care. In hindsight I really could've stopped this from happening to me. I didn't. Feeling upset about losing my wallet is one thing, but I am very very angry at myself.

And that was my story. I was the perfect pick pocket target because I was really distracted and paid no attention to what it was doing even though clearly something was off. Had I been a little more alert I could've avoided all this. Had I reacted a second quicker I could've stopped it from fleeing the scene of the crime and retrieved my wallet. I truly hope the crime was carried out out of the utmost necessity like to save its dying husband or child and the cash stolen put to good use in the very least. Still, that cannot justify the act can it. Either way, karma will take over from here.

Very unfortunate that this had to happen to me but I do hope no more of sort happening to the people around me. Travel safe guys.

With all the love,

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