Saturday, July 4, 2015

Update: Life After Final Exams

It's been a nice, relaxing month after the hectic exams. 

First update, as seen in intro pics, I returned to having fringe. :D Attempted the 韩式空气刘海 (Korean style airy fringe) a few weeks ago which is super in right now. But now that the fringe grew longer it's starting to part sideways, which is always my preferred style. Still, really like the trend! Tim at first really opposed me getting fringe and that's one of the reason why I stuck to long fringe for so long. But now after cutting, he loves it too yay.

It was the evening after our last paper. Had a feast of Chinese food take out to celebrate exams over and also a farewell for Wei Hong and Ngam since they'll be back in Malaysia for the summer.  The surprise was quite a fail haha but really hope they appreciate the gesture we took to celebrate their birthday early with them! The couple are the only second years among us so they got to go back *envious* while the rest of us stayed around because we have to wait for graduation in July.

Beautiful Hyde Park Leeds- on gloomy days and on sunny days. Can imagine how much Vanilla would love running around this park! Locals really love to take advantage of the sun because England is known for its wet and gloomy weather. Random fact: drug-stores here sell all sorts of fake-tan products but no whitening items at all. I went on for a year without using whitening products. D:

The road from Headingley towards campus/city centre- difference between April and July, spring and summer. It's full blown summer now and soon leaves will start falling again. :D Experienced all 4 seasons of England, super thankful.

Night sky at 1030pm one night in quiet Headingley for many have left for home or travelling during summer vacation. Sunset was around 5pm when I first came to England in Spetember and it's now only started setting after 10pm. It's one thing to read about how the days are longer than nights in winter in the northern hemisphere and another to experience it first hand.  Little things that I'm thankful for. :)


Discovered a nice Thai food restaurant in Leeds recommended by Jia Wing and the gang went twice together. The street-style indoor restaurant is always packed with people! Never been to Thailand but the waitresses take food orders in Thai language so I can safely assume the food here is authentic? Haha. Love the clear tom yam soups they serve and their generous use of ingredients.

Efforts of 5 whipping up this home-cooked meal as house warming for the move in to Henry Price residences. We started cooking since 630pm and only got to eat by 930pm lol talk about efficiency.

Met up with Suzanne for lunch one day and after that strolled around town. We got this strawberry chocolate fondue with a scoop of ice cream for £2 each. While the original price for one scoop ice cream on cone is £2.50 haha don't know what was the logic there. Sounds super aunty lol but yea, it was such a steal!

Most of the time though I'd be at home on the computer, with occasional visits to the Costa around my housing area. :) During exams periods I came to this Costa to study every 2-3 days, glad to be able to come back for just some leisure coffee and reading time.

Currently on this book called One Day by David Nicholls. :) Bought it back in Malaysia after recommendations by Ally, read the first few chapters and stopped. Started reading from the beginning for the second time and I love it. The setting of the story was based in London and now that I've experienced the life and language of the country, I can relate more hence is more immersed in the book than before. I loved reading since young but I eventually stopped when computer took over my life. Since I have free time on my hands now, I started reading again. Really wish I can keep this habit going!

To kick start July, I moved! Tenancy for old house ended in June and I need another place to stay so I rented another room for the summer. Pictures shows the queue on 1st July when I was collecting keys to the new place. Queued for 1 1/2 hours I think on what happened to be the hottest day of the year. D:

Always super dread moving! For the past few weeks prior to moving I've been super stressed out because there is so much stuff and I just generally hate moving. By the time all these are in my room I was in a completely run down state, red faced with sweat all over my hair and body tmi. Really hope in the future I can be nicely settled a nice home to live in for the rest of my life without having to worry about moving ever again.

Though aftermath of moving is very satisfying! Really loving my new place and picture shows my favourite corner of the new room. :)

The keyboard resting comfortably on the dresser. :) Hope I can find a way to bring it back to Malaysia with me! Though would love to play it more than the current rate but maybe I should just stick to dancing because my left-right hand coordination is so bad lol it's kind of discouraging. :( Also loving the big window in the new room! On super hot summer days it's still really windy in here unlike my old room.

Love that the room is white with little classy details. ♥

Little toiletry and storage section by the door. :) Two 3-drawer storage unit that I got from Wilko was moved from the old house to the new. They are stacked on each other this time round and fit comfortably in the empty space below the shelves which is very space efficient! (To see my old room click here.)

Souvenirs from friends from Helsinki Finland, Venice Italy and Budapest Hungary on my shelf. :) Been in Leeds this whole time since exams, but thanks to Mom and Dad I'll be travelling again soon and I'm so excited! ♥

With all the love,

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