Monday, August 10, 2015

Prague, Czech Republic 100715

Starting my posts on Prague! Intro pic is an obligatory tourist shot with the famous Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square. :) And I hereby declare Prague as one of the prettiest places I've ever visited throughout my 23 year lifespan! Filtering pictures to post for Prague is so difficult because we have a total of 2k+ pictures just for our short 3-day stay lol.

Although in the heart of Europe and is a member of the European Union, Czech Republic has it's own currency that is the Czech Koruna (CZK). Prague airport and some places only accept Korunas but at some tourist spots Euros are accepted. I would recommend doing transactions with Korunas though because from observation people tend to overcharge with Euros especially at tourist hot-spots.

A word on the public transport system in Prague! Upon landing we bought a 72-hour public transport pass at the airport for 310CZK (£8) each which gave us access to all buses, trams and metro. Which we initially thought was a really good deal until as seen in picture above lol, there were no barriers stopping anyone from using public transport, with or without ticket! Hence sis's wtf face representing our thoughts haha.

That, until we were stopped by officers checking tickets at a random metro exit and we were like omg luckily we got passes! If caught by a ticket inspector without a validated ticket it would be a 800CZK (£20) fine. And I read online that the inspectors especially target tourists because many don't know how the public transport system work in Prague. Take note guys!

To our pleasant surprise, food is super inexpensive here! The giant hot dog above cost us only 60CZK (£1.50) which is unheard of in the UK. The average ice cream cone sold in the streets cost 25CZK (60p) while I was lucky enough to come across one as inexpensive as 17CZK (40p). ♥

Accommodation for two nights was at this boutique hotel called Hotel U Krize. Located right at the foot of Petrin hill and just half a mile away from Charles Bridge, it is right off the tram station Ujezd and from there it is really convenient to get around.

Our room was very spacious with a living area on the bottom floor and the beds/bathroom on the upper. The toe to toe arrangement for the two single beds was really peculiar haha but it wasn't a big issue! Really enjoyed my stay here and definitely recommend this hotel. :)

Gorgeous sights at the Old Town Square, which was our very first destination as soon as we laid down my luggages at the hotel. :) Gotta love them pastel coloured buildings. ♥

#OOTD Prague Day 1.

More pictures from our random stroll around the gorgeous city. Mad in love. Continue soon!

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