Saturday, August 29, 2015

Prague: Petrin Hill | Lookout Tower + Mirror Maze

Day 3 in Prague! Last day and only half a day left in the city for we had a plane to Brussels to catch in the late afternoon. We spent our last few hours in Prague exploring Petřín Hill. :)

Petřín Hill is the hill where Petřín Tower is located, and it is also a tourist attraction of Prague. Take the funicular up to Petřín Hill from Ujezd station (Pic creditsor give yourself a nice hike up the 318m hill. If you know us you'd know we chose the former of course lol! Plus our 72 public transport pass was usable for this too. Fun fact: Petřín Tower is called Prague's Eiffel Tower because of its resemblance to the iconic tower in Paris.

First thing we saw when we reach the top is the garden! It's so beautiful with rows and rows of rose beds and other miscellaneous flowers lol. Since sis and I both love flowers we spent quite some time taking pictures in the garden.

Spot sis in the first picture and myself in the second. :) While scrolling through pictures in the album these caught me off guard and made me laugh to myself like a crazy person hahaha.

The Petřín Mirror Maze is also a popular attraction. We had fun taking pictures inside! But in my opinion it was just so so because I've been in better mirror mazes and the route in this particular one was too easy. Had to re-enter the maze for a second time to take more pictures lol because we didn't expect to get out so soon.

Then we're off to climb Petřín Tower! 299 steps to reach the top and there are benches half way for the weak. :P Nah I'm kidding. Many elder people climbed the tower and it's really commendable, rests or not!

Satisfied faces after reaching the top of the lookout tower. The climb was tad tiring but super worth it because the view is ♥♥♥! The altitude is so much higher than Prague Castle and from here you can see way further. The tower itself is 60m tall but since it sits on the summit of Petrin Hill, you get a view from about 400m of the ground. There's the castle on the left; the Vlata River and the bridges on the right.

General admission fee for both Petřín Tower + Mirror Maze was 180CZK each. So a total of 360CZK (approx £10) for two to two attractions and a morning well spent was really worth it!

Enjoyed our walk down the hill after a satisfying climb. :)

#Ootd Prague Day 3 to end this post. WE HAZ STYLE OR NOT? We then went back to the hotel to collect our bags and headed to the airport. Off to our next stop- Brussels, Blegium!

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