Monday, August 24, 2015

Prague: Prague Castle + Cafe Louvre

Back to having a selfie as intro pic! It was second day in Prague and we began the day visiting Prague Castle. :)

With sis. :) Friends who have travelled around Europe all came back tanned but sis and I don't want any of that LOL. Full determination shown as we wore cardigan and thick hoodie in a super sunny and hot day.

Getting judgy looks from foreign aunty when I carried my cardigan over my head to shield from the sun lol.

On castle grounds. :)

There was a vineyard there and a restaurant at the very top of Prague Castle grounds. From here also was an amazing view of the city. Mad love the scenery and the European city vibes exuded full force here.

The way down from the castle grounds also provided beautiful views to see.

A random scenery shot pretty enough to stand without a caption.

Lunch/dinner was at this restaurant called Cafe Louvre. After some research this was where Bev brought us to have traditional Czech cuisine as the reviews are good.

For mains sis had the traditional Svíčková Roast Beef on Cream served with cranberry target and roll dumplings (179CZK/£4.80) while I went for the the Vepřo-knedlo-zelo Pork Tenderloin served with Pork Dumplings and stewed cabbage with apple (209CZK/£5.61). The cream sauce and the cranberry sauce on the roast beef dish made the whole dish quite sweet so it's not for people with savoury palates. The restaurant was really nice! Food was yummy and inexpensive. Really recommends!

Cafe Louvre
Narodni 22, Praha 1, 11000
Contact: +420 224 930 949

And in case you didn't notice through out the post, sis and I wore matching outfits that day! Mint and black. I love it when we match outfits! ♥ Continue soon. :)

With all the love,

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