Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prague: Vysehrad | Dancing House | Charles Bridge

Today let me bring you to Vysehrad, Prague! :) Intro pic was me flying in front of the St Peter and Paul Cathedral located on Vysehrad grounds (lol was a candid I think don't mind me).

Vysehrad is a fort called the "Castle on the Heights" built long before the development of the city around it. Though not much of the castle is left today, the Vysehrad grounds is still a beautiful place to visit on a chilled day out as there are churches, parks and an abundance of good view to see from there. The grounds are easily accessible using the Metro line C to Vysehrad station.

Before travelling there we stopped by a nice restaurant for a cocktail break in the middle of a hot summer day. :)

So angry at myself for not capturing a better picture of the signboard at the entrance gate. Not really good with the operation of the DSLR. :( Meanwhile, behind Bev is the Rotunda of St Martin which is the largest and oldest rotunda in Prague. During war time it was used as gunfire storage but now it's used for religious purposes. So much history. (Rotunda = a round building/ room, esp one with a dome)

View from Vysehrad overlooking the Vltava River and beyond. :)

Many statues can be found scattered around the park area.

The St Peter and Paul Cathedral and at its feet the Vysehrad Cemetery.

The Vysehrad Cemetery, where many medieval days' artists, writers and composers of Prague were buried. The cemetery is one of the main tourist attractions here because many tomb stones were built like art.

Along one of the parks you will get to see the whole city and its signature orange roofs. In the far distance all the way across the city spot the Prague Castle sitting majestically on Castle Hill.

After Vysehrad we then went to visit the Dancing House, also one of the tourist attractions of Prague, since it was on our way back to the hotel.  A famous restaurant called Ginger and Fred is located there and the inside looks so much more exciting than the outside (see here). Nothing much if you don't plan to visit the inside because imo the real thing looked no different or any more intriguing from any picture you get from Google lol. Though sis and I had a little silly session there posing with the wavy building haha so it's all good.

Then we went to the famous Charles Bridge which was beautiful in the sunset. But I was emoing..... because that was just shortly after I had my wallet stolen (read here if you haven't). Was super upset but Bev picked me up by saying that despite the incident we have to keep exploring because what's the point sulking over a lost wallet and waste the chance and limited time we get to visit here. She was right so yea! Charles Bridge it is. :)

Did a little more exploring before we headed back to the hotel before sun down. Still, the cobbled stone streets and pastel coloured buildings capture my heart even now. ♥ More Prague soon!

With all the love,

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