Thursday, August 6, 2015

Edinburgh Scotland: National Museum of Scotland + Edinburgh Dungeon

Picture with the Royal Mile to start second part of our Edinburgh trip. :)

Love this picture taken for sis too! Looks so hopeful and stress-free with super pretty setting. *heart shaped eyes* She wins at posing for pictures seriously.

National Museum of Scotland where we dressed up in traditional Scotland clothing. Love these. ♥

The Elephant House- where J.K. Rowling first written her the start of Harry Potter on a piece of napkin. So happy to visit the birth place of Harry Potter I cannot. ♥

Then we stopped to have ice cream. :) Tbh I really don't know how many ice-creams we've had throughout our travels lol.

More sights on The Royal Mile and the famous Cockburn Street with it's wriggly uphill road and colourful shop lots.

A trip to Edinburgh Dungeon (£24 for two adults, tickets pre-booked) to end of first day. :)

It's a 90-min tour of the dungeons combined with shows and stories of Edinburgh's scary pasts.  Not really super scary but it was dark and I was jumpy the whole time lol. Though a down point was that we were the only Asians on the tour and the hosts did not really interact with sis and I much compared to the others for they assume we do not understand English. :( Who would blame them cuz in fact a lot of Asians visiting European countries do not speak English so yea. Either way, the actors were really good and it was really entertaining. Recommends!

All the sight-seeing in Old Town were done during the first day so on our second day in Edinburgh we spent it exploring New Town and the shopping areas especially George Street. Lunch was at Standing Order and we had a mixed grill to share. :) I'm glad sis and I are the same for we do not eat a lot and then stuff ourselves with desserts lol. I also found my graduation dress while shopping that day! A very relaxed second day before heading back to the hotel to rest then off to Prague the next morning.

At the airport waiting to board our flight to Prague! Our flight was at 615am and we boarded the 330am Airlink 100 to the airport. :) One thing I love about Edinburgh is the Airlink 100 bus! It runs 24 hours daily to send people to and from the airport and city centre for £4.50 per adult. It runs every 10 mins during the day and every 30 mins at night. Even if you are landing/flying off your Edinburgh in the wee hours of the day, worry not about transportation. So amazingly convenient! Just look out for the big blue bus that says Airlink 100 on it. :D

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