Thursday, September 17, 2015

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2015

Back in the arms of my beloved TUDC gang at Malaysia's MTV World Stage 2015. Love this intro pic! :D 

For 3 years in a row, World Stage was held again at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach. The line up this year was Sekai No Awari from Japan, Apink *screams*, Carly Rae Jepsen and Jason Derulo. Never went to World Stage the two years I was here in KL because the line up never attracted me. This year though. Followed Jason Derulo since his debut and obsessing over his new song Want to Want Me. Carly Rae Jepsen as well, loved her acoustic songs pre-Call Me Maybe. But Apink *screams again* omg Apink whom I can safely call my fav Kpop girl group hence MUST COME AND WATCH THEM LIVE!

Had 12 passes for my friends and I and all of them were free! 

And we didn't even know World Stage was on until two days before the event. :D Tim and I was at Sunway Pyramid on the 10th to catch the movie The Transporter Refueled. Walked passed the Orange Concourse and a promoter for Celcom Xpax came up to us and introduced to us the deal they were having: Pay RM5 to get an Xpax Magic SIM, top up RM10 for 4 passes to MTV World Stage or top up RM30 for 12 passes. I immediately wave my hand to her saying no because even though Apink was performing, that's my usual immediate response to promoters no matter how good a deal was being offered lol. Also the event was only 2 days away and I was not mentally prepared to attend LOL so yea.

But Tim convinced me otherwise. Why not? Since my old SIM has expired and there was no way to retrieve my old number so I needed a new number (The new number I got also very nice one leh I love it) plus he also knows I love Apink. Haha I don't know what was I thinking saying no but yea. Can't believe I almost passed up the chance to see Apink live just like that! Once again super thankful to Tim la.

Door opened at 430pm and concert started at 730pm. We gathered at Pyramid around 5 for lunch and started queuing. There was a bag jump by Xpax and the guys went for it as well! 5m and if you conquered the 5m with good posture you get to jump the 8m.

Concert started! After opening act by local artist Stacey, Sekai No Awari performed a few songs and lip-sung to all of them lol. Apparently they are a really hot Japanese band and I must say the lady pianist was really cool but I don't know them so I didn't really cared la lol. Friends enjoyed their performance thou and even YouTubed their songs after.

Next up was Apink and they sang 4 songs that evening: No No No, Mr Chu, LUV and Remember. Easily sang and danced to all their songs. ♥ They are really super pretty in person and even skinnier than imagined! Random: They are the only Kpop group I follow that I cannot identify a bias. Equally love Chorong, Eunji and my appreciation for Namjoo grew incrementally over this comeback she can sing and dance so well so I place them three as my firsts. Can't bare to place Bomi and Hayoung as second place though cuz I love them too!

Meanwhile please allow me to preach the Law of Attraction once again haha.

My love for Apink started since their debut I Don't Know. I fell in love with them instantly and learnt the choreography on my own. Back in 2014, with Kueendom I did Mr Chu and it reignited my love for them. Began to watch their MVs over and over, learned all their songs and dances. Awaited for their 2015 comeback and it was amazing! Remember, Petal, Attracted to You and A Wonderful Love were on replay everyday and night, MVs and live performances, while I was in the UK. Even my little cousin in Derby came to learn how to sing Petal because I played it non-stop lol. From UK I could have gone back to Kuching and missed the chance to go to World Stage but I didn't. Was in KL since 31st, didn't know about World Stage and could have missed the event but I didn't. We decided to go to Pyramid on the 10th, just 2 days before the event and the promoter decided to come up to us to recommend the deal. I ended up watching Apink live and had an amazing night with my friends. So yea, another example of The Secret. The Universe has a way of making amazing things happen, whatever it may be. Believe it. LOVEEEEEEEEEE.

After Apink's performance, we left the crowd and went to a spot where we had more space to dance and from there we enjoyed Carly Rae Jepsen and Jason Derulo's performances. 

Jason Derulo started off wearing a white long sleeved turtle neck but as songs went along he's left with a tank top. Sad we're in Malaysia that we didn't get to see him go topless *disappointed* lol. He danced to almost every song thou! This gorgeous man was drenched in sweat but he sparkled, literally lol. He sang hits after hits and ended his performance with Want to Want Me which Arvin and I had anticipated for all night long. Fun fact: Want to Want Me was the first song he's written when he first rented a studio bus to record songs but he didn't dare to include it in his albums until now because he wasn't too confident about it who knew years later it would turn out to be so successful? Moral of the story: believe in yourself!

5 minute compilation video with amateur editing of footages taken at the event if you are interested. :D Timeline of the video [0:00-3.28] Bag jump [3.29-4.49] Clips taken during concert.

With them amazing peeps in front of an amazing setting. My love for them will never end! And my love for this gorgeous man (hopefully) will never end ahaha. So thankful for the wonderful evening. 

Oh Malaysia Day just passed. Happy Malaysia Day! Always keep in mind that despite all that's happened Malaysia has no fault and she is an amazing country nonetheless. I'm so proud to be Malaysian. Malaysia please get better, you can do it. xx

With all the love,

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