Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Keryn's Travelogue: Newquay, Cornwall

Visited Newquay, Cornwall for a 3D2N trip with the relatives. :D Cornwall is a county located at England's southwestern tip with many many attractions by the sea to offer and Newquay is one of the seaside towns named UK's surf capital.


Road trip! It was a supposedly a 5 hour drive from Derby but it took us about 7 hours to reach because the traffic was bad. The journey was tough tbh, super uncomfortable with butt aches and all, but imagine having to drive for 7 hours so a big hug to Uncle Boon for that!

Reached! Staying at Hotel Sunnyside on the street that overlooks Towan Beach. :) Famous at Newquay is the house on the cliff on Towan Island. Located between the 80ft high cliffs, the suspension bridge links the house to the mainland and it's the only access route between the two. And for £6,000 per week, you can rent the place all to yourself and experience secluded island life.

Since we arrived at Newquay late, after some exploring of the town we went to have dinner.

Had pub food at Bullpits and really recommends this place! The ambiance, the service and the food were good. :) Had the Bullpit Sampler Platter as appetizer, a mixture of BBQ ribs, steak, roast chicken, beef brisket as mains with a wide selection of sides such as mash, corn, chips, sweet potato chips, onion rings among many that they offer.

The Bullpit Smokehouse and Bar
3 Gover Lane, Newquay Cornwall TR7 1ER
Contact No.: +44 1637 876376

Breakfast next morning was simple paninis and hot drinks before hitting the beach! Separated from Leon and Mon because they don't really fancy the beach. Lattes for the grown ups, hot chocolate for Chloe and mocha for me. :)

Sceneries along Towan Beach. The seagulls are so photogenic!

Explored higher grounds and visited also the Newquay Harbour. :)

Dinner on second day was again at Bullpit! Haha this time was with the adults and Chloe as after we highly recommended the place.

Night views on the way back to the hotel after dinner.

Hydrangeas and coffee in the morning. Again drinks at breakfast were latte, hot chocolate and mocha. :)

Walked further along the shore line and explored Tolcarne Beach.

Ice cream was a must of course! New found love for Mint Chocolate Chip lately. :)

And this was the highlight of my trip to Newquay! Mountains and mountains of mussels especially during low tides and had endless mussel plucking sessions for this mussel lover.

Back on the road after the satisfying beach vacation! Beautiful England country side was a treat as usual.

Had the mussels for dinner when we got back to Derby and aunt made Carbonara sauce to go with them. Super yummy and extra satisfying knowing that the mussels were harvested ourselves! Amazing closure for my trip to Newquay and again thank you relatives for bringing me along. ♥♥

P/s going back to Kuching tomorrow after one whole year away! Can't wait.

With all the love,

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