Monday, September 7, 2015

Keryn's Travelogue: Summer Trip to Blackpool, England

Happy face flashing back to my trip to Blackpool with relatives this summer. :) Really enjoyed myself, thank you so much for bringing me along! ♥ I've had a day trip here with friends to go to Pleasure Beach theme park back in winter (Read here) and I shortly ranted about not being able to see the town but so blessed that this 3D2N trip gave me ample of time to do so. Loving this seaside town especially in summer!


Travelled by train from Leeds while the relatives drove up. We met up at the hotel and lunch was steak at a local pub. :)

With little cousin Chloe and a giant ice cream cone by the road.

Went to Madame Tussauds Blackpool! Again with the (Madame Tussauds Amsterdam) there are many artists/well-known people that I do not know haha but Leon them had a good time taking pictures with all the wax figures. Hoping to see the Harry Potter gang here but no luck.

Left with many pictures as souvenir and my favourite was the "Most Wanted" above. Charged for being always right and to which I pleaded guilty- never argue with me okay lol.

Also got to enjoy the sunset view here which was to die for. The Central Pier was a dream and looked like scenes from movies. ♥

Then night fell and the main street, the piers and Blackpool Tower all lit up colourfully. Super pretty and festive. ♥♥♥

Add on some craziness. Kind reminder, even middle of the summer it was super chilly at night so don't forget your jackets! On our second night it rained heavily so better safe than sorry bring along a rain-proof jacket or have umbrellas at standby. :)

Second day was spent at the Blackpool Water Park. It is an indoor park so you don't get tanned and the water is heated which I enjoyed. Also there were many thrilling rides to go on. Been awhile since I last went to a water park, had so much fun!

Day 3 before we left Blackpool we went to Sea Life. Went because we bought tickets for both Madame Tussauds and Sea Life at a promotional price but if you are paying full price I don't think it's worth it. It's always nice to visit an aquarium but compared to Underwater World Sentosa Singapore or even the KLCC Aquaria, this was small and rather outdated. There were leaks and a faint smell of mouldiness throughout.

Besides going to the many arcades around, our trip to Blackpool wouldn't be complete without this Bingo game. 10p for the yellow board or 20p for both yellow and red for double chance of winning. Stopped by this shop to play for many many times because it's really fun and addicting. When you get a line and call out 'here!", it's like the best feeling in the world haha. With all our winnings combined we left Blackpool with a blender for Leon and Monika's new house. :D

p.s. for the time being I feel like writing about my beach-related trips. Will go back to blogging about Brussels soon!

With all the love,

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