Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Brussels: Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Belgian Waffles & Chez Leon

Check in Brussels, Belgium. The last leg of my second week-long Europe trip. :) The capital of Belgium, and home of Belgian Waffles and mussels. It is also the headquarters of the European Union, in a country where there are three official languages: Dutch, French and German. Sounds exciting doesn't it this city.

The Grand Place. A gorgeous court-yard styled square surrounded by 17th-century buildings on all 4 sides. A no brainer for all tourists of course! It was a rainy day hence the gloomy ambiance. Very considerate of the constructors to have buildings printed on the scaffolding so not to destroy the completeness that is Grand Place even during renovation.

The famous Manneken Pis. It's a statue of a kid taking a leak and for some reason it became a tourist attraction of Brussels! Interesting thing is on special occasions the statue will be dressed up according to the occasion ie. Santa Claus during Christmas season. How cute is that omg.

But yeah, don't worry about not being able to find the Manneken Pis as long as you follow the crowd lol. There is ALWAYS a big crowd in front of the fountain even during the evenings which was very amusing.

Many shops along the streets around the Manneken Pis sell related souvenirs and are crowded with people.

Near the Mannekin Pis you also find many waffle shops. :)

Belgian waffle. ♥ The waffle on it's own is €1 and with each additional topping you get charged accordingly. The combo of strawberries and cream waffle we got was €2.50. The waffles here have chunky sugar bits in the them that add a crunchy texture to the otherwise soft through-out dough.We get Belgian waffles in Malaysia too but those are totally different imo.

This was somewhere off Grand Place but forgot the name of the place. Love how my calves look in the picture above though so fair and shapely hahaha.

Stumbled upon this beauty on our way to find Chez Leon for mussels. The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (French)/ Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen (Dutch), a shopping arcade cum historical attraction of which construction started back in 1846.

Chez Leon for dinner. Had the classic Formule Léon served with frites and beer.

Came here because Chez Leon was the first name that popped up when googling mussels in Brussels, but found it overrated. Food was good nothing too special but the service was bad so the experience was disappointing. Only afterwards found online that many have claimed there are better mussels around Brussels and pointed out specifically not to go to Chez Leon lol. 

Rue des Bouchers, the stretch of alleyway where Chez Leon and many other seafood restaurants serving mussels are located. You'll be spoiled for choice so research before going and hope you'll make a wise decision (unlike me lol).

And this is Rue du Midi- a long stretch of road full of hotels, restaurants and shops. :) I really recommend everyone to find accommodation along this road because you are near many attractions plus supermarkets are accessible. Not sure if it's always a pedestrian way but during our visit the whole road was blocked and no cars were allowed in which was good! There are also shopping malls 10-15 minutes walk away.

The Royal Theatre de la Monnaie.

The Brussels Stock Exchange building and the patch of road in front of it painted colourfully. On our way back to the hotel after some snack shopping. :) Continue soon!

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