Monday, November 23, 2015

Vanilla and Ginger Pue, Our Doggies

Finally reunited with the beloved Vanilla after 1 year++ of separation. And I finally met Ginger for the first time! ♥ I am now away from home again but I had around 2 months in Kuching before this. They were a big part of my time back home!

Love this series of derp face taken by Tim during his visit. Haha reminds me of Goofy! So silly.

Ginger on the other hand is lil sister's birthday present last year and she's a toy poodle. She loves licking people! Super annoying sometimes but so cute. Even when you scold her saying, no licking!! She'd still lick the air non-stop. I call her CRAZY TONGUE because literally hahaha.

I really find pets amusing. Our doggies represent our personalities so much! Vanilla is independent and has a bad temper and is very rebellious while Ginger is very attached to people and never takes no for an answer. Vanilla is a smart-looking dog while Ginger just looks blur almost all the time LOL. And Ginger always follows what Vanilla does!

As you all know, Vanilla loves his toy ball. From his influence, Ginger also only plays with ball. The pink one belongs to Ginger but she always go after Vanilla's ball cuz little sisters are annoying like that! Day, ball. Night, ball. Usually I stay downstairs to play on my computer till late so I got to bond with them a lot a lot during the nights when everyone is asleep.

Meanwhile here is my Asian version of 'How to mildly annoy your dogs' by Jenna Marbles LOL.

And whenever the doggies are taking a break from the toy ball, Vanilla would start bombarding Ginger with loads of sloppy kisses and Ginger would snap at him, reluctantly accept the loving LOL.

When Ginger first came to the family, I was not around and figured the new puppy would get more attention that he'd get neglected. Ginger would chase after Vanilla and he would run away annoyed. At one point of time I think he went into depression and he even stopped playing his ball. I was really worried but family assured me they will give Vanilla attention too. Luckily he came around and the doggies bonded well. Now they are inseparable, always playing together always kissing. :')

What are these alien-like creatures??? Haha one thing for sure is Vanilla looks nicer sleeping. Ginger looks really odd with her long limbs hahahaha. But I love her omg she has such lovable personality thou the tongue issue needs to be resolved please! lol

So so thankful Mom who hated dogs and never in a million years wanted pets would allow not one but two dogs in the house and loves them as much as we do. Can't imagine coming home to not having them run around making chaos. Will see them again in December! Can't wait. ♥

With all the love,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Brussels: Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium | Grand Place

Before taking off from Brussels. :) Intro pic taken with Grand Place in the background.

Since we've nothing on our itinerary after visiting Cinquantenaire Park, it was down to a choice between the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium or the Coudenberg. Even though it would've been amazing to explore Coudenberg, the former Palace of Brussels and its underground tunnels, we decided to go for the arts museum. :)

General admission is €8 but for 6-25 children and young people group, admission fee was only €2 per person per museum. The apparent reason for this is to encourage young people to take interest in art which is amazing in my opinion. Depends on preference there are a few exhibitions to choose from, namely the Oldmasters Museum, the Modern Museum, the Fin De Siecle Museum and the Magritte Museum. There was also a combination ticket for a few museums for €3 but due to lack of time, Bev and I only went for one museum. (Admission prices can be found on their website here and description for each museum here)

Our choice was the Fin De Siecle Museum, a museum dedicated to the 1900s Brussels. :) I really enjoyed the paintings and on particular pieces that drew my attention I spent long time looking at its details. Always been into art and beautiful things but never expected myself to enjoy an art gallery this much. Thank you Bev for the candids!

This particular piece is called The Stream by Baron Leon Frederic. Paintings from left to right is Torrent, Stream and Still Water. See how the naked children in the pictures depicts the flow of the river accordingly? The first one was chaotic and everyone tumbling against one another. The middle pic everyone just walks after one another and the last painting all the children were laying down sleeping peacefully. Very interesting.

That grainy quality of i5 front camera *cringes. Been here for 2 nights but haven't seen the Grand Place during night so we made a last visit before heading to the bus station. It was so beautiful. Because there were only the two of us we didn't dare to explore after the sun sets but it was beautiful. The ambiance was also really different from day time, people out and about with bars and restaurants crowded.

Enroute to the bus station, we went to Mont Des Arts in the night too. :)

Then reached Brussels Central at the designated time to take our bus home. :)

Or so we thought. *plot twist!!* We waited and waited but the bus hasn't arrived. Reassured Bev that sometimes the bus only reach 10 mins before departure time. But came departure time and the bus was still not there. Checked my reservation...... It was July 15th the day we were going back but shocked to find that I bought bus tickets for June 15th! Fol seriously. We were dumbfounded and as usual I cried. I was so ready to go back to Leeds and relax after week-long travelling but then this happened. On top of the fact that I lost my wallet back in Prague so we had no debit card to buy new bus tickets online. And it was late at night, where do we go? My graduation also fell on the 17th and I couldn't afford to miss it. D:

So after collecting myself, we walked back to our hotel and luckily there was wifi and computers for guests. Supposedly Bev and I were going to Paris on the 19th of July and we already had our tickets booked and paid for. With the Manage Booking function, with the credit paid for the Paris tickets, I replaced it with new tickets to travel from Brussels to Leeds. TT And if you've read my One Year Abroad Wrap-up post, you'd see that I've mentioned the 'Brussels incident' when thanking my relatives. This was it. Luckily they were not asleep at that time when we called for help. Had them to help us with the booking because a card was needed, and also for another night of accommodation at the hotel. So yea. All of a sudden had another night in Brussels and we travelled back to Leeds only the next day at 2pm. Maybe it doesn't sound as scary on paper but put yourself in my shoes back at that instant. I don't want to relive it ever again. :( Never again will I be so careless while planning itinerary.

After all that, we could've still went to Paris because Daddy insisted we go. Bev and I however reached the consensus that maybe it was not the right time for Paris. Many unlucky things had happened during this trip so we didn't want to bet our luck. And since we're both sure we'll be visiting Paris again in the future, the city of love will have to wait for now.

Happy faces in the outro pic before discovering our wrong bus ticket.... Anyways, happy to have went back to Leeds safe and in time for graduation. And happy at this moment to be back in the comforts of my home in Kuching, recalling this unforgettable incident. And asked Bev, what did we eat for dinner that night? Apparently we didn't eat until the next morning. Too traumatized to be hungry lol. Memorable for sure gosh. But please, never again!

And that was the dramatic end to our Europe trip lol. Till the next one! :)

With all the love,