Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Second Half of My 2015

Hello! Can you hear me? *slaps* Life happenings were being backlogged due to my delayed posts on Europe trip. Mind you I have not finished writing about UK haha please expect many throwback posts in the future. Meanwhile to welcome 2016, I'm gonna sum up my second half of 2015- those that I didn't get to write about in detail on here. :) Heads up, it's a long one.

It was end of August. I spent my last two weeks in the UK at my aunt's place and as usual I was spoilt with food. Missing these people dearly but will get to meet them very soon!

On my flight back to KL. Flew with Etihad and it was a really pleasant journey, really really comfortable. :) Requested for seafood meals pre-flight and they delivered. Thou I didn't expect to be getting seafood for EVERY meal lol for my snack/ breakfast I got a salmon wrap. So angry that I wasted precious in-flight movie time on Tomorrowland thou! Inner conflict convincing myself to finish watching it because it is Disney but it was SO BAD I had to stop after a third the movie lol.

Transited at Abu Dhabi for 7 hours and it was a horrible wait. The airport was so hot and stuffy and when you head out to get air it felt even more suffocating because of the humidity. Especially when you just came from a country with the chilly weather 24/7, the contrast was too much to handle for me. To become a Qatar/Emirates air steward was an option before but OMG it was horrible I don't ever wanna live there thanks!

Always fancying the weather of the west, how breezy and chilly all the time that we won't sweat or stink when we walk 30 minutes to uni/town. Being here even just for a short while made me realise how beautiful actually the weather in Malaysia is. We have so much greens around us, every where we look in fact, which many people often take for granted. Sure we cannot necessarily walk to shops without being drenched in sweat or get awfully tanned, but there are days where the weather is just perfect. Windy, not too sunny- perfect day to go out for a jog or walk your doggies etc. We do not have to coop ourselves in an air-conditioned space all the time. House-car-shopping malls was the life, nothing outdoors, of people I know who have stayed for years in Dubai, can you imagine it? Really puts a lot of perspective in place.

Meanwhile, met this Malaysian guy transiting to return to KL as well so we kept each other company on our AUH-KUL flight. :)

When in KL, reunited with Kueendom and did a dance cover with them for You Think- SNSD. Watch the video here! :)

Helped Tim move back to JB and spent a few days there before flying back to Kuching. Tim's mum brought us to Singapore for a day- had the signature ice cream from Awfully Chocolate and I tried sea urchin for the first time at Sushi Tei Vivo City. Tasted like car tyres hahaha glad I tried but never again thanks. Sorry I do not have an appreciation for this delicacy but kudos to those who enjoy it!

Tim's papa on another day brought us to Puteri Harbour Nusajaya. It was still hazy back then so I didn't get to experience fully the beauty of the harbour. Visited Hello Kitty Land (lobby area LOL) and the DC Comics Super Heros located here too! While here Tim's dad bought us some DC tees thank you Uncle! :)

Tim's parents visited Kuching for a weekend trip and our families met for the first time. :) That was the most nerve-wrecking I've ever been back in Kuching haha and despite the haze, glad everything went well. Happy they got to see my hometown, meet my family and try the local cuisines like Sarawak Laksa, bilin and Ohjian.

Decided to change my hair. Did soft rebonding and had my ombre ends removed. Really loving my current length!

Had a Cowboy themed dance performance with Soul Dance. Pictures with the pretty ladies Ally and Jessika (da heck Cka's face so small!!). So happy I get to dance with them every time I'm back! Thank you for loving me. :')

A girlstyle dance performance with Soul Dance for a Shell event at Imperial Hotel.

On October 23rd we celebrated lil sis's 21st birthday. :) We celebrated at home with KFC, and salmon sashimi cake bought by Juhee before the two of them went out for dinner.

And since 21st's are considered important because it signifies adulthood but I was not home during my 21st, mum made me a cake and every one sang happy birthday for me as well lol. :')

Btw lil sis found love. In the picture above was my face of giving blessing LOL. If you follow her on her social media you'll clearly see that she's been nothing but happy after getting with Juhee on top of the fact that they look so compatible gosh I'm so happy for her. :)

Halloween came and Soul Dance performed a flashmob to the song Thriller- Michael Jackson at The Spring. #Squadgoals

Stopped by TCC to spook my mates on shift that night. They were so scared.

Also honoured to have performed with Vanity Crew for the first time, the pride of Kuching and girlstyle represent. Had to wear a sailor costume LOL too fat I cannot and I didn't do well cuz I was too nervous but thanks for having me!

After a good few months at home exploring options, I found a job in KL and settled down here  for the moment. :) On the Saturday before flying off to Kl again, we went to Library Kuching to celebrate employment for Lester and myself. It was the first time we actually went out drinking together? Haha but it was so much fun. Secondary school friends till now, can't believe it's been almost 10 years. Really sure we're gonna be friends for life. ♥

Flew to JB for a weekend and attended Tim's cousin's wedding at his hometown, so thankful to have finally met the relatives of his mum's side.

Did my second dance cover for the year with Kueendom for Ooh Ahh-Twice. Watch our video here!

Back in Kuching for the weekend and attended cousin Nini Jie's wedding held at Sarawak Club. The reception was so nice and romantic and I was privileged to be able to perform a short dance for the occasion. See also my beautiful siblings. :) Thanks to the wedding as well, the big family reunited and I got a chance to have an overdue catch up session with the cousins which I really enjoyed.

PRETTIEST BRIDE. Wishing her all the happiness in the world. ♥♥

#OOTD and makeup for the evening I went for a simplistic warm-toned look. Skin tight dress from New Look only looked remotely good before food entered my body LOL.

2015 has been so eventful and amazing. Expect my 2016 to be more low key because I've officially entered work life. Though a lot of travelling lately and I foresee a lot more in the future so really I'm looking forward. Everything in life now feels like it's at a good place and I am very hopeful. :)


With all the love,