Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in KL 2015

Been away for so long! Here today to talk about my Christmas this year. :)  

Pushing all my pending blog posts aside and gave this priority because I want the Christmas feelings to be fresh when I write this. :D Disregarding the fact that I may have mentioned a thousand times before, growing up my family do not celebrate Christmas. However I really can't help but feel happy come Christmas time. Everything and everywhere just feel so special and magical. I'm sure a lot of people can relate! Last year I spent it in the UK, I'm back in KL this year so YAY, let the Christmas deco hunting continue. And year after year I have an amazing time celebrating, this year no less!

Went to see the Christmas decorations at Mid Valley Megamall. This year the theme is toys and blocks it was so adorable. ♥♥ My face lit up the instant I saw Centre Court and started snapping pictures non-stop. So happy I got to go! By comparison Bangsar Shopping Mall's Christmas decorations which was Alice in Wonderland-themed was so underwhelming and boring lol. Thank you Weesung for bringing me. :3

Was lucky enough to have went back to Kuching for a weekend and went to see the newly opened Vivacity Shopping Mall. Of course the decorations cannot be compared with the grand scale of malls in KL but thank you for making an effort in putting up Christmas decorations lol. And YAY to the first Nando's outlet in Kuching! P/S Vivacity please do something about your toilets they are horrible.

Pavilion Mall is a no-brainer if you want to see the nicest Christmas decorations in KL. Every year Pavilion never disappoints! Tim brought me here despite knowing traffic's gonna be bad and parking's gonna be bad given how much I'd want to come. That giant Swarovski crytal-lit Christmas tree standing tall and grand in the middle of the shopping mall though! So so lovely.

Then off to our Tour Les Jours coffee date. :) Tim looked horrible in the second pic doing a half-sneezing face of sort LOL but I'm still posting it because of the cute photobomber behind me haha.

#OOTD shots taken when it got darker and the decorations at the main entrance of Pavilion lit up. :)

Steamboat session with my beloved TUDC family to celebrate Christmas in advance. :) As clearly shown by the clock behind me, yes it was already 10pm that night and we haven't started eating haha. It was on a weekday night, a few of us had work, had to travel from far and some went to buy more things for the steamboat so yea. Food was so good though! Especially the tom yam base credits to the chefs. Ate so much udon that night I think I'm good for the rest of my life haha.

My Kl family whom I love and cherish dearly. ♥ Lejun's action cam better than a selfie stick x100000.

Secret Santa session. ♥ Everyone prepared a mystery gift and according to the winning order from Card Against Humanity lol, we got to choose the gifts in turn. Surprisingly everyone got presents that kind of suited them IT WAS FATED haha I got chocolates go figure as if I don't already have enough ahaha.

Btw let me show off my cute reindeer hat which I got from Daiso for rm5 +RM0.30 GST haha.

First time visiting iOi City Mall. Really love the classy ambiance of the mall and looking forward to visiting here more often as it is located fairly near to Tim's new place. :)

On Christmas Eve, Tim and I went out on a date night. Our Christmas dinner was at Italianese Paradigm. Look at this from two pov: either we got lazy to experiment and try out new restaurants haha or that this has become a nice tradition of ours to come here on special occasions. Either way, I enjoyed our meal so much. Tim while there also opened his Christmas present from me, maybe I will upload the video soon. :)

After dinner, we went to watch the new Star Wars. Which I didn't expect I would ever watch cuz I'm not a follower of the series. But since Tim loves the series and there are so many good reviews about it, we went. Who knew I really enjoyed the movie! Though unlike the people who claimed to have cried 8 times through out the movie, I didn't cry at all. Was really good thou, really enjoyed it. Finally I understand the context of May the Force be with you, the Light, the Darkside, Han Solo all these signature names and phrases. Rest of the night I kept yelping out loud, I AM YOUR FATHER!!

Santa visited me on Christmas day. ♥♥♥

Also thankful that I got to spend Christmas Day with Daddy who was in KL. :) It's been a good few weeks celebrating Christmas. Can't believe it'll be 2016 in a few days time!

P/S This is my Christmas jam this year. Dear Santa-  TTS. PLEASE WATCH IN HD. All so pretty and their voices OMG *heart shaped eyes*

With all the love,

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