Sunday, December 6, 2015

Working at The Coffee Clinic, Kuching

This is The Coffee Clinic Kuching, my work place for a month and a half while back in Kuching. :) See the super nice cake display? Consider it my favourite task of each day and when I'm around, never ever you 'll see a messy display lol.

And this is Keryn's face during one working day. Super ugly I know that's why I didn't use it as intro pic okay haha. Since I'm home after having graduated and in the process of job searching, with nothing on my hands I took up the part-time job here as service crew/waitress after being referred by sis cuz she was working there too.

One of the best parts of working at a coffee house is the smell of coffee 24/7. The coffee beans used here are imported from Australia. Hi I'm Keryn and I'm a coffee addict - at my current job I drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day. Which I know is bad and I'm trying to cut down.

And of course the coffee art by baristas. Initially wanted to apply for position of barista because I've been wanting to learn coffee art, it didn't happen because barista training is only offered to employees of 6 months or longer. Le sigh.

One thing I really appreciate about some employers is that they offer staff meal to their employees. We get one meal per shift and above are some of the nicer staff meals I received while here. :) Most of the time it's rice, a vege and a meat but I'm not complaining. Gives a time for rest when eating and of course saves you money from having to eat out.

Was stationed the The Coffee Garden, ground floor of Tun Jugah Mall for 2 weeks due to it's opening. The space TCG has to work with is smaller than TCC but the concept is really cute. Due to it's location in city centre right under an office block, it attracts the tourists and the working class.

Random things during work:

The parking summons I received on my first day working at TCG. Why is the parking auntie so hardworking? TT Anyway the parking system in Kuching works like this: you put a 20 cents parking coupon indicating the date and time and that gives you permission to park for 1/2 hour. After that hour you'd have to replace the coupon with a fresh else you'd get fined for overparking (if that's even a word lol).  So yeah after an 8 hour shift....

Luckily after the first day I learned to beat the system to only receiving 2-3 summons a day? I realized the window of the parking auntie to make a complete round and return to my car is around an hour. So instead of replacing my coupon every 1/2 hour (or left one coupon to expire for the whole day like I did on the first lol) I came back every 1 hour to change my coupon. If lucky, I can stretch it to 1 1/2 hours without getting a summon! And that was how I survived working at TCG. Why am I putting such effort to explain this and sounding so proud about it LOL.

One time after my morning shift sis asked me to pick her up from uni. I was super tired after the day shift and it was traffic jam hours. Instead of accompanying me and chat with me to help keep me awake she fell fast asleep right after getting on the car. Felt like I was about to die of sleepiness I RESENTED her at that moment of time lol.

My thumb after washing cups for a few days. D: Minor flaking on other fingers on the right hand but the thumb was so bad that it hurts when pressed. Funny thing is we use the thumb print system to check in and out of shifts. After a few days the machine couldn't even register my print anymore so I had to change to using the fore finger on my left. No other employees had this condition but sis and I LOL Tim called me a princess. Rest of my time there I started using glove for washing.

Lost my voice after a karaoke session with Lester and Ivelyn and for some reason, cough and flames followed. Mum got me these meds and had Perry send it to me during work. :') Lost my voice totally but was on cashier duties so for two days I had to stick a note on the cashier top that said, "P/S the cashier has lost her voice...." which attracted a few funny interactions with customers. Hovoc la on the weekends.

Boss Joseph got us pizzas for those who attended a general cleaning session on a Monday morning. :D

It was my last day of work at TCC and after our night shift we went to have lok lok. :D  It's nice to be able to make friends from work and instead of just colleagues, we became really good friends. So much love for these people whom I've grown close to within a short period of time.

It was a really happy working experience. Always been into working as a waitress even since young because I like smiling at strangers (not in a weird way lol) and serving people nicely, plus the good company I received, I enjoyed my time with TCC a lot a lot. Thank you for having me!

With all the love,


Jeff said...

It was great working with you! Do remember us! Take care and all the best with your current career. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Erm... instead of replacing coupon every 1/2 hour, why not just put multiple coupons with 1/2 hour interval each? Example would be like displaying 16 coupons in front of the car for that 8hr before leaving the car (though this looks insane & an open invitation stealing the car), but could still put around 4 coupons then replace another 4 & so on. That's how we do it. :)