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Review of New Year Resolutions 2015

Hello people, on this unoccupied first Saturday night of 2016 I decided to sit down and reflect on the new year resolutions I've set for myself a year ago today. (read it here!)  In case you are a new reader, Hi there! I do this yearly and will continue to do so on this platform. I support people making new year resolutions because imo it is a great way of self-reflection and to keep track of progress and achievements throughout the year. :) P/S I'm not typing from my laptop so related photos will be uploaded soon.

1. To make law school my priority and graduate with high achievements.

I wrote about my graduation and you can read about it here. :) The meaning of high achievement is subjective but to me I didn't do so well. All I got was a bare minimum to qualify for Bar school application in the future. Either way, I'm proud of myself for what I have achieved so far and I strive to do even better in the coming years.

2. Take time to explore options and figure out what I want to do after graduation.

This I did. Graduation was in July and instead of jumping into Bar school/clp, I decided to take a gap year to explore possibilities. After months of intense explorations (ahem actually lazing around doing nothing LOL), I officially started employment back in November 2015. :) I decided to keep what I do to myself for now and see where this will take me. But so far, I am loving what I do and I feel so inspired and challenged everyday. I'm learning so much in a field that I never thought of coming close to and I'm so thankful for the opportunity.

3. Enjoy the rest of my year in the UK to the fullest and have no regrets when I go back to Malaysia.

Seeing friends still traveling around Europe and now wearing their thick coats welcoming winter on social media, I looked on in envy. Although one year there to me was too short, but I don't think any amount of years would ever be enough. I've traveled as much as I could and enjoyed my life there very much. So yes, I can safely say that I have no regrets. :) Plus the fact that I can see myself working and living in London in the future- even though I don't know when or how that will happen- I'm very optimistic to find out!!

4. Continue to wholeheartedly appreciate my relationship with Tim.

2016 is the year the both of us entered work life and it's not anymore as simple as being a couple during university days. I always say, you have to live life to your utmost satisfaction and never let others dictate the life you wanna life because at the end of the day it is YOUR life. But having a S/O means many things you do you have to take each other into consideration and it's not the easiest thing to do. Especially when you are a very individualistic and opinionated person like me. :/ What you want may not be what he/she wants and where you wanna go in life may not be the same. What you want to achieve in life may not coincide with the life you two want together hence there are bound to be challenges and obstacles to face ahead. It all depends on how couples deal with things I guess. At the end of the day, never regret what you have decided and most importantly, never blame your S/O for the choices you've made in consideration of the both of you because it is ultimately your decision and you have to take responsibility for it. This is something I've learnt over the years and I will apply it to our relationship.

LOL why strayed so far from main point. In short, I love this guy. Haha as straightforward as I can be. I love the way we interact and I just love the idea of us together. :) Though I find myself complaining about him more recently LOL, I will try to curb this bad habit and continue to look to his good sides for he is an amazing man.

5. Ability to play the piano fluently by sheet reading.

Sadly I did not achieve this. At the start of the year you guys know that I got myself a piano keyboard. I eventually stopped playing. :C And because I couldn't take the keyboard back from UK, I gifted it to my lil cousin Chloe. So for now I have taken hiatus from learning to play the piano but I am currently on Piano Tiles 2, which I really enjoy and that means something I guess?  LOL. Even though not the conventional way of learning piano lol, the very least is that I am exposing myself to many classic piano pieces. My favourite piece so far is Sonata in Major D K311 by Mozart, which is really lovely. :)

6. Improve quality of skin and hair to my own satisfactory standards.

Meh. :/ Like they all say, 变美是女人一生的事业. When will we be truly satisfied? I am not satisfied and will continue to work hard on it.

7. Work towards the ideal body that can wear clothes of my size comfortably.

Meh. :/ LOL I have stopped wanting to get slim. Somewhere along the line I have come to a realization that life is too short to do something that makes you unhappy. Dieting makes me unhappy. Going to the gym makes me unhappy. I enjoy being active by dancing and working out in my room and I enjoy food. As long as I continue to strive for a healthier and fitter version of myself and never settle, I am happy with that. My ultimate goal is a bikini body that I can proudly flaunt lol but I am not forcing myself in anyway to achieve that. As long as it's nothing detriment to your health, care not what other people say or think about your body. YOU DO YOU, whatever makes you happy because again, it is YOUR life.

8. In pursuit of material things, to keep priorities straight and never lose sight of what is truly important.
9. First designer handbag bought with my own money.

I did not achieve this in 2015. I expose myself to the knowledge of luxury goods and as many of the people around me know, since young I have an aim for a luxury lifestyle. During my year in the UK I once saved up and gotten myself a Burberry bag. Since Burberry is an English brand, I wanted to gift it to myself to remember my year here by. It was delivered to my UK home, I've held it for a few days and in the end, decided to return it. As pretty as that piece was, when I received it, for some reason there was no feeling of satisfaction. Maybe I realized that I am content enough with my life and at that point in time, I don't need a luxury item. Lol sometimes I go back and forth thinking whether or not I regret sending the bag back, I don't have an answer tbh LOL. I will eventually have a luxury bag that I will proudly hold but I guess 2015 was not the year, and I am okay with that. :)

10. Make quality friendships that will continue even when leaving this country.

No doubt about that. :)

11. Reestablish connection with friends from back home whom I appreciate but have stopped contacting. 

I did, and I'm proud of myself for this. :) And in 2016 I will continue to do so.

12. Continue to be positive and thankful in my every day life. 

I did. :) I will continue to hold true to The Secret and be thankful because everything in life will fall into place when you have appreciation. 

And as usual, I will set for myself some goals for 2016:

1. Pick up reading again.
2. Achieve the financial goals that I have set for myself.
3. Travel to Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.
4. Continue to be inspired in dance and despite busy work life, continue to dance whenever the chance.
5. Cut out the need for sugary drinks.
6. Have a healthier lifestyle in terms by eating better, drinking more water and have regulated sleep.
7. By the end of 2016, to be able to watch Korean shows without subtitles.
8. By the end of 2016, have job satisfaction as to what I have achieved year-long.
9. Work-life balance- to work hard and at the same time, maintain good social life outside work.
10. Apply principle of Minimalism in my life.

On minimalism, this is a concept I've newly discovered and I hope it will inspire you guys as well.

I think I did well for 2015 and I am really optimistic for 2016. How did you do? :) If you have a post on your new year resolution 2015/2016 please link me! I would love to read about it.

With all the love,

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